Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My blog is read?

Ok...So it has come to my attention that I have not posted in a while. And this is very true. We've been busy with storm clean up, vacation, and the start of school. I actually thought this was not such a big deal...'cause who really reads my blog anyway. Well...I guess a bunch of you do! LOL!!! Multiple comments from many friends have asked "when" am I going to update my blog!

So...here is a post for you all. I do hope to get some more pictures up of the storm damage (the bucket truck came on Sunday to get the high stuff down), some photos of vacation and Kelly's first day of school. But...it will be a little while longer because I have also gone back to school. I accepted a position as an adjunct instructor for Muscatine Community College on Thursday. I am very busy re-learning and teaching Elementary Statistics for 9 Wilton HS students. Go figure...but I love it and hope that I will be asked back for the Spring (maybe for some other math class!)

So...be patient. I should get caught up and a little ahead this weekend. Then hopefully next week I'll get some photos up. Although...I'm thinking my scrap desk is going to collect some dust for awhile! All my free time is going to this class.


Megan A. said...

yep I read it too, although I have enough trouble remembering when the last time I blogged is, I sure can't remember the last time you did, but I still like reading it when you do!

Pat said...

Good luck with the classes.

Colleen said...

Yeah...you've more than had your hands full suddenly with the teaching postition too! Hope that's going well!

And, yes, people do read your blog!! hee hee