Thursday, July 25, 2013

More Art Journal pages

I'm loving the art journal!  Oh, paint, stamps, glue, journaling...way fun AND theraputic.  I'm thinking I'm saving thousands of dollars worth of therapy just by playing with paints.  Oh yeah!...

So here are a couple of pages I finished recently.  It took a while and morphed during the process.  I created the green and blue background which would be perfect for the tree branch I had in mind.  I stamped and cut out the leaves...water colored some yellow for the sun...and added the perfect pearl hearts.  So fun.  The actual branch is hand drawn and painted.  I decided I needed some butterflies and texture paste was just the ticket!

Then the mushrooms...I originally thought I'd have some kind of grass or flower type stamp down there.  When I was looking for a stamp, I saw the mushrooms...How perfect 'cause I totally feel like one lately...I have no clue what is going on ... so viola... a page is born.

Next is a Gratitude page.  I realized I have not been thankful for all I have.  So I took this blue background and went to town...Hand wrote gratitude then listed all that I am grateful for...I'm sure there is way more.  I stamped and painted some butterflies...LOVE how it all turned out!
 I can't wait to go play some more!

Oldies, but goodies!

Hello dear followers!
I know I have not posted in awhile...and I have lots to post...soon...very soon...some very cool art journal projects and a few layouts.

But tonight...I'm re-posting some oldies, but goodies.  See...I'm applying for a VERY COOL design team...Xyron!  They want non-layout prob...I have lots of altered and mini projects, but some of them seem to be missing from my blog.  It looks like a couple of months worth of posts have disappeared including the photos from them...very weird...So I'm re-posting so I can link them up!  LOL!!!

Actually...I just need to re-post the altered flower pot...can't seem to find that photo on my blog..And I need to pick three...which three should it be...hmmm....

I'm also going to submit the 
Teresa Collins travel journal

Bottle Cap Christmas tree

and the 14 days of Valentines book