Sunday, April 26, 2009

More cards

Ok...I've done 10 more cards for the Scrapperie's Snail Mail Soriee and I'm actually caught up for the moment. Here are a few of my favorites:


Ok, I know as a mom I'm biased. But Kelly is looking absolutely beautiful in her dance costume. My jaw just drops. I hope she is able to keep her internal beauty as well as the external.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Order vs. Inspiration

I have really enjoyed making cards for the Snail Mail Soriee over at the Scrapperie and it got me thinking. I have been struggling with scrapping probably since September. I thought it was brought on by the news we received at that time and other adjustments I was going through. Remember I took a sabbatical for a while?

Well...I've been wanting to get back into it and just couldn't find my groove. But this challenge has really got me thinking. I was an "order" scrapper before I joined DTs. I love the feeling of a complete album and I love the chronological orderness of them...So, I scrapped in order. But, when on a DT, I pretty much needed to work with the papers that came in the kits which pushed me out of my orderness. I found I was inspired by the kits...colors, contents, etc. I think I really loved that part of the creative process! And that is what has been missing! I tried to go back to scrapping in order! Start with the photos and find the right papers for them. What was I thinking!!!

Maybe I need to go back to starting with the papers and find the right photos for them. Or photos that are currently inspiring the Max ones. Then I can work in a balance. Because, my albums still need to be chronological. I love seeing the changes that occur over time. Bottom line...inspiration is the key to my creative process!! Yeah...I'm getting closer to actually creating a page!!! And, using Sandi's kits. I got a lot of grief the other night for not using them the minute they hit the door! LOL!!!

More cards

Ok...Here are 3 more cards. I still have 5 to make to get caught up. But, I've made 13 cards thus far, and two have already made it into the mail! Way fun!
This card is for the See Through challenge. I saw this paper and thought it would be perfect. Then few cutting mistakes and well...I'm not a big fan of this one. The sentiment is "So sweet of you".
I love this card! I'm going to make 2 more and send them out for this Mother's Day. The papers are from MME Confetti line and the acrylic beads are Robin's Nest. The Stamp is SU!

This card is for my niece Morgan. We gave her some itunes cards for Christmas and they never worked. Supposedly those gift cards need to be activated or something. I don't even remember where I purchased the ones I gave her. So, we finally decided to by new ones. So very sorry this took soo long to resolve.

Friday, April 17, 2009

More cards

Here are another 6 cards for the Scrapperie's Snail Mail Soriee....I am really enjoying this challenge. I really have not felt my scrappy self for a while and this challenge is bringing it back!This card is for the 3 in a row challenge...I just couldn't resist making a birhtday cake! LOL!!

I always wanted to use a transparency for a card. And well...this challenge was to make a round card. So, I made a scalloped note card. I love the stickles and the ribbon weaving. This is one of my favorite cards so far.

This challenge was to use a butterfly on a card. I'm not sure why I used this chipboard butterfly. I have soo many beautiful butterfly stamps. But, I love how all the colors worked out.

This is for the make a shape card challenge. I already have made a piggy card and a turtle card and really wanted to post one of those for the challenge. But, I have a little boy first birthday coming who wouldn't love a thomas train.

Ok...this fabric flower card did not turn out as well as I wanted. Fabric doesn't hold the accordian folds and it got a bit bulky...But, it is simple and sweet.

Ok...this is another of my favorites! I love how the card looks breezy! Who knew that a tree and paper tearing challenge would inspire this card!...Thanks Sandi!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Ok...I know I have strayed from my scrappy topics lately. And maybe that is because my scrappy mojo has gone and hid somewhere!! Argh! Although, I'm starting to feel a little tickle of maybe soon I'll have some layouts to post.

So, in the mean time, you have to settle for these non-scrappy posts. And this one you can blame Bonnie Russo for. I was on facebook this morning and on the side they show what your friends are using and fans of....Bonnie is a fan of Portillo's! ARGH...that is one of the places I TOTALLY miss! No Portillo's in Muscatine. Portillo's has the best beef sandwiches, hotdogs, and burgers. Plus their fries are the best!!! And, when I'm being healthy, they have some great salads to choose from. I may just have to drive 3 hours back home and get some!!! LOL!! I am soo drooling right now! Argh!!! Thanks Bonnie!!! LOL!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Being an older mom

It is a blessing and a curse being an older mom. It took me a long time to find the right man and I'm very glad I waited. I don't think I was really ready to be a wife or mother before anyway. Now, I have way more patience than I would have in my younger years. I also appreciate and cherish every moment with my daughter because I waited soo long.

Yet...I am becoming aware of some draw backs. I feel the need for more me time. I don't know if this is because I'm older, or I haven't found the right balance or maybe a combination of both. I think this may also be part of the contributing factors of my recent "funk". I really enjoyed Kelly being in school. It gave me a freedom that I didn't even know I was missing. I was able to teach at the local community college and found that I love that. I was able to take time to read, cook, and do things without an audience. Now, with our little guy about to arrive...I realize that is all going to change again. I'm not sure I really want to give up this new found freedom!

Wow...awareness is a beautiful thing. I get to try and do it differently this time. I discussed this with my hubby yesterday and asked for support...Something I'm not accustommed to doing. I need to find a better balance and more regular me time and I will need support to do that. This should be fun!! LOL!!!

And, don't forget to factor in my hormones are changing! LOL!!! Geez...gotta love a challenge.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cards!!! I was online see what the challenge for the day was and Kelly was with me. She decided to do the challenge also. So, I printed out the example and she used it for a reference. This is her take on the April 4th challenge: A ThankYou with a flower! Then she wanted me to take a picture also. it is!

This Thank You is my take on the April 4th challenge...A Thank you card with a flower

This card is for the April 3rd challenge --> Stamp it. It had to be a birthday card, with something stamped and metal. The metal was hard for me. Most my cards actually get mailed so I usually do not use something bulky on them. I picked the smalles brads I had.

This is for the April 2nd challenge --> Rough it up. It had to have distressing, ribbon, and chipboard. I picked these masculine papers without making sure I had masculine ribbon to match. The best I could do was the orange ric-rac. I left it blank and will fill in the sentiment when I send it.

This is the easter card I am planning to make (I really need to get these done tomorrow). It happend to fit the April 1st challenge --> Slime it. Spring colors, spring creature, and ribbon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

PHEW...That was weird!!

Ok...that impending sense of doom is gone...PHEW!!! That was horrible. And oddly enough it coincided with that time of the month. I think my hormones went haywire on me. Glad it is on to better things!

The Scrapperie is hosting a Snail Mail Sorrie. Basically, a card a day challenge. I love making cards and maybe this will help me find my scrappy mojo again. Because it has got up and left!!! AND I want it BACK!!!!!! Before, it was hard to get me out of my scrap room. Now, I'll do anything to stay out of the room!!! WTF!! I mean, I'll clean and cook before scrapping...what is going on!!!!!!! LOL!!! But, those that know me, know that this is true! Anyway...come join me. A card a day. What a great way to create a stash so that I won't be late with cards!