Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 2...

Aha!  The mojo is back...well at least for now...I'm finding a bunch of inspiration that I guess I've been avoiding.

Anyway, back in February a new little nephew was born into the family.  Totally cute.  His mom, the poor thing, was sick the ENTIRE pregnancy.  She could rarely eat without tasting the food twice...iykwim!

I saw a layout on pinterest/ -->   So worth waiting for  Oh man...I couldn't resist.  So with my sister-in-law's permission, photos from Presley's first photo shoot, and cute Pebbles paper...viola! feels great to create again!  (Excuse the poor photography...Got to find my layout photoing groove again!)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm back!!!

Well....hopefully for good this time.  I've been in a pretty severe funk.  I thought moving into our new home would pull me out...not so much!  I really, really LOVED my scrap space in Muscatine!!!  The space here...not so much!  I totally did not want to be in it, let alone figure out how to create in it.  A total mojo downer!!  But, I think I've got arranged a bit better to make it more workable.

I've also reached out to reconnect with some of my scrappy friends that I lost touch with during my funk!  Oh yeah...nothing like a space to create in and some friends to chat with!  It is a great group and if you are looking for a place to hang, chat, and be inspired...Come check out Chatty Scrappin' Chicks on facebook.  It is a closed group...just ask to join.

So...I thought what I've been lacking is inspiration.  I decided to start there...pick something that inspires me.  I went all in.  I chose my kids...they totally inspire me to be the best me I can.  And, I chose color!  Dylusions sprays are soo colorful.  So and color were my inspiration for this layout...
I soo love it!  It feels awesome to create again!!!  I can't wait to create more.