Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sheesh...finally done

I've been working on this layout for a week. Picking out papers, crocheting the butterflies, finding all the brads and buttons I'd need. Then, I couldn't find a quote or sentiment I wanted. Finally, it all came together. I love it. Inspired by a Doodlebug ad from the Doodlebug blog.

Friday, March 16, 2012

SNC Weekend Blitz

The weekend has arrived and soo has the craziness at Scrap 'N Chat! A sketch is posted and you are challenged to do something outside of your box. For me it was creating my own embellishments (the stars) and having something hang off the layout. Although, I'm not sure how that is going to work once I put it in the album!

Night time photos are the worst...too much light at the top, not enough on the bottom.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scrap 'N Chat Challenge Day

Oh yeah!!! Today is the 15th and Challenges are reveal at our brand new scrappy forum Scrap 'N Chat!!! You got to come and check it out. The board is smaller, chatty, and full of challenges sure to spark your mojo!!

Here is mine...It's called Janet's Choice...hehehe...I get to choose every 15th what I want to do...'cause I can! LOL!!!

Anyway...I recently purged my stash...I'm a very bad girl...sheesh...and I have this magazine by CK called Budget-Friendly Scrapbooking. I'm LOVING this book/magazine. I think I almost have every page dog eared. It is all about scrapbooking on a budget, but still with enough detail to please the eye.

On page 67 there is a layout by Maggie Holmes. She used one of those full-sized laser cuts for her background. I'm sure you are thinking...
big deal...well here is the thing. She painted the whole thing. So it looks like a monochromatic textured background! Genius!!! I have a ton of those laser cuts and never use them because they are NEVER the right freaking color.

So I took her technique and a lo I pinned by Keely Yowler for My little Shoebox and came up with this. It will be the first page of an album I'm doing about my mom.

So please, come and play with me!!! Can't wait to see you over at Scrap 'N Chat!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New message board!!! Come and play with me!

Hey all my blog followers!!

I know I haven't been blogging much and well to be honest...I was thinking about giving it up. It seems most people are sharing inspiration via Facebook and now Pinterest. favorite place to hang...Scrapping the Moments...shut down today! Say what...Yep...gonzer! ARGH!!! See...I'm not a fan of facebook...ya just can't really carry a scrappy conversation there. And that is what I like.

I also like sharing inspiration, ideas, cracking a joke here and there, camaraderie...etc... Some of this just can't be done on facebook.

So...I decided to start my own board...a freebie one for now until I can figure out what the board and the community needs.

So come and play with me! And spread the word!!!
Here is the link --> Scrap N Chat

Let's all just scrap and chat and have fun.