Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scrapperie DT search

Hey all...Sandi is looking for a brand new Design Team which means my time is finally up! I'm very sad...I love the kits she puts together...they soo rock! The site is phenomenal and well....Sandi is the best! So...if you have every wanted to try out for a Design got to apply at the Scrapperie....Everything about the position ROCKS...I will sadly miss my FREE kits! LOL!!! I did sign up for a 6 month sub...'cause...well...I'm just addicted! LOL!!! Check it out -->

Colleen has a great blog prompt there today...My 10 favorite smells/fragrances...hmm...
  1. Lilacs...they are in bloom right now and I LOVE them!
  2. Fresh home grown roses. I need to plant some in my new yard
  3. Coffee beans...I hate to drink coffee...but I LOVE the smell of those little guys!
  4. Issy Miaki...when I wear a perfume...I wear this
  5. hmm... I'm drawing a blank for here is my top 4.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

June Blog Extravaganza

Well...I FINALLY finished getting my scraproom in order!!! YEAH!!! But what I've realized is that I have WAY too much stuff!!! I've also realized I'd like to blog more...just see what my scrappy friends are doing in there lives and such. So, I've come up with a win-win for everyone! A June Blog extravaganza!!

All you have to do is blog on your blog and leave some love on other participating blogs that you visit!! Easy-peasy!!

Here are the details -->
Ok Ladies...this is what you all have been looking for! The June Blog Extravaganza hosted by ME! The one that just moved and realized I have WAY too much stuff!!! I'd also like to blog more so here is a win win for YOU!!!
All you have to do is blogs...and leave some love. I'll have a points system and point tracking thread....Get your self a spot in the points tracking thread and just update your points there...This will be an honor system...please be fare. Ok...points are as follows:2 points for creating a blog entry on your blog. 1 point for each blog you leave love on.
If you wish to participate, please PM me with your snail mail addy, things you like to scrap with...i.e. favorite papers/trimmings/stuff/storage...I have a bunch of storage stuff I'm not using anymore also, and your blog addy. Although having your blog addy in your sigi will help also.
I will have random RAKS. You never know which day/days I'll the more you blog and leave love...the better chance you have of receiving a RAK which I will try to customize based on your favorites. If you love Moxxie products...let me know! And it will be a surprise. I won't be announcing who received a'll just get some scrappy mail! LOL!! Please let everyone know when you do get some. I will post that a package went out.
There will be grand prizes at the end of June based on points tallies. to play. I will have a thread that lists all the blogs of those participating. But to help everyone that is playing...Please put "I blogged" when you have blogged under Colleens Blog prompt of the day. We can all check her prompts for ideas about blogging and we can see who blogged under those threads also. I'll put up examples.
See...easy. Contest officially begins June 1st. I may also have some extra weekend goodies and games to play! Fun, fun, fun....Get your blogs up and pm's to me if you are interested in playing!

Ok...go visit the Scrapperie...I'll be hosting the blog challenge from there. Can't wait to start sending out some RAKS!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scrap room adjustment!

Well...we moved into this house that had a scrap room just for me! I was soo excited....countertops, a computer workspace, a scrapping workspace, cabinets, drawers, and a closet! AND...all right next the the family room!!! YEAH!!! I hated that in the old house. I was away from the family when I scrapped...I felt soo isolated.

So, I get here and start to unload the bazillion boxes of scrappy stuff (I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF) and realized that I don't have a clue as to how to use this space! ARGH!! All my storage stuff is for a room without all this stuff. See old space --> And this was not the last rendition of my old space.

Now...check out the new space.

Well...I hope I find some inspiration this weekend! LOL!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reality check

You ever feel like you are just avoiding reality? I know you need to eat 5 fruits and veggies a day, take a vitamin, drink plenty of H20, and exercise. I LIVED this way for many years, then I had Kelly...and all went out the door. Now, the only form of exercise for me is typing...I'm mean that counts...right?

I finally went to the DR today because my allergies are just out of control...I can't even breathe anymore. I had been avoiding seeing a DR 'cause I hate finding a new one and I'm tired of the "you are fat" lecture. Well, I didn't get the lecture, but the blood pressure was high again.

REALITY...I'm turning 44 this summer, have a 5 yr old and am hoping to have a son by the end of the year. If I don't start taking care of myself will I even see them graduate HS and stuff?

I guess the bottom line is that I'm just disgusted with myself and the choices I've been making. I'm tired of the excuses I use, yet...for some reason I just don't see myself changing. I know that if I had to choose between cooking dinner and ordering take out...take out would win hands down!

Yet...I am making some progress...I lost 12 pounds since the end of december (although I found a couple of those over the last month or so)...I'm actually drinking water right now instead of diet coke...and I have cooked more over the last week than I have over the last 6 months. I find myself slipping down that negativity trail -- always seeing the bad things I do and never the good -- and it gets soooo deep that I just get stuck and forget to look for the good.

So...maybe I need to just take some small steps...So I can have little celebrations along the line. So here are some committments:
  • Once I can breath again (I now this sounds like an excuse), I'll be doing some form of exercise at least 3 times a week...walking or a video or some bike time.
  • Go back to the WW meetings...they really help motivate me
  • Drink water
  • Take a vitamin

A step is a start!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We are here!!

Yeah!!! We made it!! We arrived the evening of May 7th and our "stuff" arrived May 8th. I've been unpacking since...phew!!! I thought I did a good purge before the movers showed up. But, I still find myself pitching a bunch of unused junk and the good will bag is already over flowing! I can't believe we have been here for 10 days already!!

My scrappy friend Colleen posted this blog prompt over at the Scrapperie --> 10 things I love about _____________. I think I'm going to do being together as a family!
So, the 10 things I love about being together as a family are:
1. No more that we are together, we don't need to pay for all the extra expenses of being apart.
2. Seeing my hubby daily...I did miss him.
3. Kelly seeing Daddy daily...she missed him a lot. It took her a couple of days to realize he would be coming home from work everyday!
4. Cooking dinner...yeah...not one of my favorite things to do...but I am soo tired of fast food and carry out. I just couldn't see cooking just for me.
5. A return to "normalcy" although I'm not sure what that is...But it just feels great to be together as a family again.
6. The boys (our dogs, Murphy and Tucker) are happier also. They love playing with Mike. Although, I think they just love the yard! It is full of critters for them to chase and sniff out!
7-10. I can't really explain it...but just being under the same roof is amazing!

As soon as I get unpacked...I'll get some photos up of the house!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Wow!! I thought it would never happen. Yet...Kelly had her last day of preschool on Thursday, the playset is dismantled and ready to go, and the movers show up on Monday, May 5th. We should be making our trip to Muscatine on Wednesday! Yeah!!!

This has been a trial...Mike has been working in Muscatine since the end of July...9 months he has been commuting, just coming home on the weekends. I had to go back to work in December to help pay for the commuting and his apartment. We had to pull Kelly from some of her activities and made other cutbacks in the household to make ends meet. The house went on the market in October...I spent the end of September and beginning of October painting the entire inside of the house. Lots of work. We finally got a contract the end of March/beginning of April...5 months of being listed...seems like it was forever. Keeping the house clean...leaving for showings with the boys (our dogs Murphy and Tucker)...hoping that this showing will be the one!

I won't even discuss the money issues...not good! We lost a significant amount of $$ on the sale and did not find a deal in Muscatine...very disappointing.

I should be excited...but I find myself still majorly numb...I'm not really sure why...a lot of other "stuff" happened during all this also and well...maybe I'm still just raw from all of it also. "Stuff" would be defined as issues with family, my mom, friends, etc. I never really had time to heal...always moving from one task to another with this move.

I find the best thing to do in situations like to be grateful and count my blessings! So here goes:
  • I am sooo grateful that the house has sold and we found a new home! Our family will be back together in 5 days!
  • I am blessed with the most wonderful father!! He is ALWAYS there when he is needed. He never has excuses for why he cannot help. I would not have been able to go back to work without him...His generousity is amazing. And yes...he can be a broken record at times...but even when he is lecturing me about a mistake I've made...I can tell he just wants the best for me and my family!
  • My friend Cathy! This friendship has just blossomed since Octoberish? She also helped out by watching Kelly while I worked...was a great listener when I need to spew to maintain my sanity...and well...I will miss her! Good thing for cell phone minutes!
  • My husband...He was apart from us, adjusting to a new job, and living in sparse conditions. And yet...still supported his family as best as he could....Amazing!

So why am I not excited...I'm not sure...maybe because we are moving from the suburbs of Chicago to small town Iowa. I am sure this will be a huge adjustment....Yet...I know we are moving to a great neighborhood and we have already met some wonderful people!

Soo...goodbye St. Charles and hello Muscatine!!