Monday, February 25, 2008

New Blog look!

Check out my new look! Thanks to Scrappin_Amy who made all the modifications. Now, I'm not stuck with a blogger template that does not use the whole screen. She found purple paisleys for my header...I soo love it. I believe it is a photo of one of the Bella papers from My Mind's Eye.

Amy...thanks for making my blog more "ME"!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Saturday Night Fever?

Ever have Saturday Night Fever? Well this weekend is the weekend to have some. The Scrapperie is hosting a Saturday Night Fever crop! And we will be having some fun! I'm hosting a bingo game...come register to find out how to make your card. There will be challenges, games, and much chatting and scrapping to be had! Oh, did I forget to mention prizes?!?! Fun, Fun, Fun!

AND, did you know you can purchase the Vintage LTD kits that day for 50% off! What a deal!!!!!!

Come have some fun with me!!!

Oh by the way....The Kits Sandi puts out ROCK!!!! Check out these layouts from the January kit --> Carnivale:

Saying good-bye

Saying good-bye...I never realized it would be soo difficult. But here I am trying to say good-bye to some on-line friends and well...I just don't really know how.

I find that my life is in a state of flux now...many stressors including my DH being in Iowa all week and me working part-time to help pay for all the additional expenses (I even had to cut out all my kit subscriptions!!!! ARGH!!!!!). This has put a HUGE hit into my scrappy and on-line time. And my ScrapDango friends have been feeling the brunt of this. I just haven't had time to keep up with that board and is just not fun going there anymore for me 'cause I just can't keep up anymore.

So I'm saying good-bye with deep regret and sadness. I will really miss Terri, Julie, Erica, Naureen, Loisb, Regina, Rebeca, Riezzy, Babylove (Kelly), and Kathy (I hope she is ok), and many more. The design team there is incredible and very inspirational. I hope that everyone there knows that if I could keep up and play that I is just gotten too stressful for me, therefor I need to say good-bye for awhile.

Love you guys! Good luck to all with the Crowned contest.

Here is the last layout I did there! I really love this layout! First because it is the first photo I've done of our engagement and two I got to play with Grungeboard!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Moxxie...Winter CHA '08

Well...I have to say I love Moxxie's new lines. Now I know what you are thinking...I design for Moxxie, so I HAVE to love Moxxie. And well, there is probably some truth to that statement. But, let me clarify a little. I'm a big fan of BG and MME lines...I love the look and feel of them. And, I don't really do themey stuff a lot. I don't even think I've done 1 4th of July page. But, for some reason I am very attracted to Moxxie and what they are doing...therefor I did try out for their team. AND I love it!!!!!! are some layout's I did for the upcoming show...Let me know what you think!!!

This layout is from the Just a Girl line...some of you might recognize the design...I originally created this lo using BG papers. I LOVE it just as much with Just a girl!

Journalling reads:
Mom: I love you , baby
Kelly: I'm not a baby, I'm 4
Mom: Well, you will always be my baby, punkin, and honey.
Kelly: Just don't call me baby...I'm 4!
Mom: Ok, I'll try.
2 days later, Kelly: Mom, you can still call me baby.

I LOVE the filly line....You got to love those colors and flourishes and well...the horses are just way too cute!!!! This picture of Kelly with a cowboy hat and princess t-shirt is just priceless. Is she a cowgirl or princess? Well neither, she's Kelly and has a style all of her own!

And then there is the circus cute is that...popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, clowns, elephants and bright colors! This was not one of my favorite layouts, but the circle paper caught my attention and I just had to make some frames out of it!

Ok...I also made some layouts for the buckeroo and home improvement lines. But, they needed stickers that weren't quite ready yet. I'll post those after CHA! Go Moxxie!