Sunday, June 27, 2010

Favortie Things Crop

was a blast!!!!! And even though I tried to prep in advance, I was still rushing at the end. I only got 1 full page kit done and 2 more partials. So I found all my kits that have not been disassembled, loaded up the trunk and off I went.

I got 5 pages done (3 one page and 1 2 pager) and started a 2 pager before coming home last night. 2 of the pages are for I can't post those. But here are the other 2.

This first one is from the page kit I got completely put together. Although I had not originally pulled the green ribbons. It is based on a Page Maps sketch. Materials are mostly from the Echo Park summer line. The sun is a button from Charlene's Buttons
You can get to here etsy shop from her blog. The felt flower is MM and the brad was made with the I-topper by Imaginesce. The scallop border is Bazzil. The Journalling reads: Kelly kept complaining that she could net see the board at school. So we both went to the eye doctor for check-ups. Sure enough she has my eyes and needs glasses. She picked a SpongeBob-esk pair. She LOVES wearing them. And I have to admit, she takes great care of them!

The next layout was done using a kit from the Scrapaganza club that I attended monthly. I had these zoo pictures of Kelly feeding the animals that I thought would work with this Jillibean line. It also contains ribbon from KI and letter stickers from Pink Paislee. The design is based on another pagemaps sketch. Journalling reads: Kelly had a blast feeding the animals at Niabi zoo. The birds drank a sugary syrup. Daddy had to lift Kelly so she could reach the birds. The goats ate corn and grain right out of her hand. Daddy tried to keep the bigger goats away. The other layouts I completed will be posted on July 15th and 30th.'ll just have to wait!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Debit cards...I love them. They make shopping soo much easier. I don't even carry my check book anymore. Well...someone somehow got a hold of my number! Made a transaction in Ireland on 6/22 causing my debit card to be somewhat shutdown. I say somewhat because the last 2 times I've tried to use it I couldn't. But somehow that person was able to make another transaction today.

I have to file two separate claims to get the money back. But my card has now been canceled! PHEWW...It could have been worse...they could have over drawn the account. But now I'm without a debit card for a while. Guess I need to carry the check book now!

I am soo thankful my bank has a good fraud system in place!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OH NO!!!!!!!

LOL!!!!! So...In my last post I mentioned that I'm actually PREPPING for my crop coming up. I just pulled out my Navigator to load up the first page kit I put together. It was feeling kinda heavy...I don't remember an empty Navigator feeling soo heavy. I just chalked it up to a faulty memory. NOPE...there were kits in there from the last time I went to a crop! LOL!! AND I cannot remember the last time I used the Navigator. It maybe for this crop a year ago!!!!!! CRAZY!

The Horror!!!!

LOL!!! Ok...Some of my scrappy friends who know me well...well...they need to be sitting before reading the rest of this post! And to help the rest of is some background...

I NEVER prep for crops! I always run out of time. So I grab the kits I haven't dismantled and my stash of photos and wing it. I rarely get much done at a crop because I end up not having "something" or I want my photos a different size or I don't have the right color of something and it is at home. But, I still LOVE to go! It is time away from the house (kids, hubby, responsibilities, etc) and I just love socializing with my scrappy friends.

Well...guess what...I've been PREPPING for the Favorites Crop this weekend!!! I cannot believe I'm actually getting ready for the crop more than an hour before I leave! LOL!!! I've got photos selected and sized for one sketch that I'll be working on. Working on photos for another. Then I'll be picking supplies. I don't leave until 2pm on Friday...who knows how much prepping I can get done!

It will be interesting to see how this crop goes. I don't think I have ever experienced being ready for a crop!

Oh and it is an overnight crop. It goes from 6pm until midnight on Friday and 10am til midnight on Saturday. I got a hotel room so I don't have to drive the 45 minutes home Friday night. I'm soo excited!!! I haven't had this kind of me time in a LONG time!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have been selected for a second term for Sketchabilities!! I just love Karan's sketches! In fact...most everything scrappy that I have been posting lately have been inspired by her sketches.

Make sure you check out the blog at Sketchabilities
Reveals occur on the 15th and 30th of each month.
And she has a message board...Sketchabilities Message Board

I hope to see you there!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

B.I.T.C.H. update

Yep...time for an update. I have to admit that I haven't wanted to update. I kinda plateaued at 8 pounds lost and got side tracked with the diet. Well, more than side tracked...I jumped ship! LOL!!!

Yep...the diet got thrown to the way side around Memorial Day. I have to admit it is a very difficult diet. Eating a protein and fruit/vegetable every 3 to 4 hours is difficult. I found myself becoming more and more resistant to it and rebellious. I totally rebelled Memorial Day weekend and just couldn't get back on track. Then hubby was out of town last week. And food is just soo convenient when it is just me and the kids.

But, I didn't stop working out. My trainer, Kami, was still kicking my behind and enjoying it! LOL!!! Well, almost as much as I enjoyed complaining! Anyway, I could tell I was getting stronger each and every workout.

And, I visited my Dad this past weekend, and he asked if I was losing weight! YAHOO!!! The words everyone wants to hear when on a weight loss journey!

So, I finally stepped on the scale this morning. Just to see what damage had been done. And you know what...I'm down 10 pounds!!!!!!! I didn't gain any weight and I lost 2 more! Yahoo!!! I'm soo stoked!!!

Lesson learned #1...not to be soo hard on myself. The gym that I work out at has a quote above the water fountain. I think it changes seems to be different every time I go. On Tuesday it was this..."Strive for progress, not perfection." So true! I felt like a failure because I wasn't following the diet PERFECTLY! ARGH...and I was stuck with the loss. I was soo focused on the failure, that I forgot to see the progress! Thanks to who ever selects and puts up the quotes at Body and Balance! I am soo making progress and I need to celebrate that!!!

Lesson learned #2...(ok can stop reading here) Maybe the diet is too restrictive for me. Or maybe I was eating too much healthy food. I'm not sure...but I need to find something that works for me...some kind of happy medium. I'll be working on that next.

Anyway...YEAH ME!!! I'm down 10 pounds and probably at least one jean size. The 12's I bought at the beginning of the journey are loose! Yahoo!!! All my shorts from last summer (that were tight) are way loose also!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15th Sketchabilities reveal

Yep, it is that time of the month again. Time to reveal my latest layout for Sketchabilities. Again Karan has come up with a wonderful sketch full of inspiration. To see the sketch go to

And here is my layout...Once Upon a time...a little girl
went fishing with her Daddy for the very first time. She loved to cast and reel in the fish. She wanted nothing to do with the worms...which is to be expected from this princess. So Daddy baited the hook and removed the fish. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I cannot believe how busy I have been!! Soo busy that I TOTALLY forgot to post this on the 31st!! I'm soo sorry Karan. I guess I need to learn how to schedule posts! LOL!!! Anyway, this layout is for the May31st Sketchabilities reveal. The sketch was another fantastic sketch and perfect for these first grade photos. Behind the smaller photo is an library card with all of Kelly's favorites of 1st grade, including her signature. I plan on doing one of these for every year!!

Now off to scrap...need to get another layout done!