Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost scrapping!

I say almost because I had planned on scrapping today. You see the inlaws are in. That means the house is clean, dinner in the crock pot, and Max is occupied. So scrappy time for me, right? Ah no...the tooth fairy forgot to come last night!!! What was she thinking!!! LOL!!

But, I did make this anniversary card last night. Hubby tells me his parents 45th anniversary is on Wednesday...they are leaving Tuesday morning and he wants to give them a card...Nice warning. This card is one of the reasons the tooth fairy forgot to come. Anyway...did you know the 45th anniversary is the Sapphire Anniversary. So, I use sapphire blue as a them. The heart is chipboard that I painted white and glimmer misted silver...many coats of silver. Stamping was done with Brocade Blue. The embossing was done with a Score-it-All. Works perfect!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Scrappy news??

Sorry ladies...I haven't gotten much scrappy time lately. I did finish a layout for Sketchabilities, but cannot post until the 31st. I have freed up some time and hope to be spending more time in front of my creative place. hubby works for a office furniture manufacturer! I just got a new comfy scrappy chair! I can't wait to sit in it and create! Hopefully, I'll have a layout or two to post soon!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 21 of the B.I.T.C.H. project

Yep...I have made it through 21 days. I soo cannot believe it!

I'm down about 8 pounds, started working out 4 days a week this week, have taken a multivitamin everyday and am eating MUCH healthier.

I haven't been especially. But, I get back on track RIGHT AWAY! I have a lot of trouble on the weekends. Don't know why yet...but eventually I know I'll figure it out. Eating a protein and fruit/veggie every 3-4 hours is key! I'm not hungry and not really craving food/sweets. I'm also drinking 100 ounces of water a day and only having diet coke with my splurges.

I don't know if I'm on track to lose 2 jeans sizes in 8 weeks...but I don't care! Because I know this is a permanent change and eventually I will get there!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sketchabilities reveal

May is finally here and I can reveal my latest layout for Sketchabilities! Our Poor Trees! This is a layout about our poor trees after a Derecho blew through in July of 2008. Our back yard looked like a war zone. I used the Pebbles line So that line! I cut a tree from Paper Dolls and used the negative space and misted my background. I heat/wet embossed the tree embellishments. The journalling block was cut with a spellbinder's die and then misted. Then I added some Robin's Nest dew drops. And vioala...Our Poor Trees! I'm putting this into a WeR Memory Keepers album and using those photo pages for all my extra photos! LOVE that idea!

Journalling reads: On the morning of July 21st (5:30am), sustained widespread 90+ mph winds blew through. A Derecho caused massive damage all over, our poor trees included. Several hickories topped, a couple snapped and one fell with in 4 feet of our house. Our Oaks lost numerous limbs. We had to buy a chain saw, borrow a cart for our lawn tractor, and hire a bucket truck to remove limbs still stuck in the trees. It took over 2 weeks of constant work to clean everything up.

So...make sure you check out the Sketchabilities blog:

Also...Karan and her team's sketches ROCK!! She is hunting for new DT members...Interested?? Check out her call: Sketchabilities DT call

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yep...I am done teaching for the semester...YAHOO!!!! I can't say that the final went well...but it is graded, final grades turned in, and I just have to drop off the paper grade sheet tomorrow morning. NO MORE Tuesday prep work!

This was a tough semester. I choose a crappy book! The book I wanted was delayed due to manufacturing problems and would not be ready for the semester. So, I had to pick a different book on short notice. I picked the one I did because at a quick glance, the TOC (table of contents) looked ok and it had labs/questions. I was excited. It also came with an instructor dvd...oh yea!

But...It was written for programmers, not system it was missing A LOT! So, I punted and pulled material from last year. The students did not have a reference for over half the semester.

I have been retired from the computer industry for 7 years! My knowledge is very outdated and RUSTY!!! Having a crappy book compounded the problem! I'm soo glad the semester is over!

Oh get this...Max, who just turned 2 on 4/28, started telling me poo-poo BEFORE making it! WOW!! Could he be ready for potty training?!?! Well, I tried 2 times...the first time he did it! But, he did not like sitting on the potty. The second dice. Now he won't tell me! LOL!!! Oh well...maybe next month!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Calling all Scrappy friends!

Check out this DT call --> Lucky Girl Crafts
I don't know about you, but I just LOVE the name of this new kit club! And check this out --> Sample kit. She says her kits will be like this, but BETTER! Better...I thought this one looked really good! There is still time to submit for the call...Due date is May 14th. Go for it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Look at what I made...
I think I saw this in a magazine and thought..."Cool! That would make a great teacher's gift!" Plus, Kelly's teacher Mrs. Haag lost a plaque she bought at a craft show during her classroom move this year. The plaque said "Is it FRIDAY yet?" So, I found out her favorite colors and viola...

I really like it. Some times I make and "altered" item and I hate it. This is just soo cute. The colors worked out great. I think there are about 80 corsage pins in there. I also put a decent dent into my green buttons.
Anyone wondering how my Healthy Living quest is going? Well, after my little weekend slip...I am rocking the house! I hadn't had to use a splurge all week, so I decided to treat myself tonight....YUM! AND...I'm not hungry, finally. I'm eating every 3-4 hours and drinking 100 ounces everyday. It is not as hard as I had thought...go figure, we are SO are own worst enemies! Also, I'm still working out 3 days a week! I hope to get in a forth next week!?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scales are EVIL!!

Yes...that stupid thing that we weigh ourselves with is EVIL! I was doing soo well last week that I just couldn't resist. I wanted to see the pounds be gone! So I stepped on Friday morning and guess what...I wasn't happy with what I saw!!! GRRR!!! It was about a 4 pound loss. I don't have an exact starting weight, so I'm not sure. Can you believe that! I was unhappy with the number. Like I'm going to lose the weight over night. It took YEARS of neglect to put it on, it is NOT going to come off in a week.

I had to stop myself. I was going down the sabotage know the one. The one were we berate ourselves with EVERY little thing we do wrong, instead of celebrating all the little things we do right! Making ourselves want to quit and take the easier/yummier path. But, my jeans are already looser and I have way more energy than I used this is what I say to the scale...weight schmeight!

I want to say something else...will power, schmill power! ATTITUDE is everything! Let me explain...the weekend was ROUGH! By Friday I could feel it building. I was starting to CRAVE everything...chips and dip, chocolate, sugar of the refined kind, and DIET COKE! But, I stuck to the plan on Friday including my workout. I knew we were having a BBQ on Saturday and I was planning on using a SPLURGE that night. So I enjoyed myself that night. Had a couple of alcoholic beverages, chips and dip, and just enjoyed the night.

But Sunday rolled in and well...I think all the work I put into the week caught up to me. I did not follow the plan at all. I finished up all Diet Coke in the house, had a sausage McMuffin (my favorite breakfast), and KFC for dinner. I pretty much became a couch potato that day. I think I needed it. I made a lot of changes which required a lot of thought and energy that week. Monday morning I felt refreshed...weird.

Yet, that little respite cost me 2 pounds. Although I feel I needed it mentally, I don't think it was worth the physical cost. I'm back on track. Eating healthy every 3-4 hours, drinking 100+ ounces of water, and exercising every other day!

Next...this gorgeous layout. I just love it. It is based on a Sketchy Thursday sketch. I used it for the Challenge Masters NSD crop. I did a build-a-page challenge or blind challenge. I gave the instructions to create the layout one at a time. The participants were not allowed to peak at the next instructions or the projects that were created. It was way fun...I think everyone had a blast.

Let's see, the materials are: Sassafras PP and border strip, Pink Paislee journalling block, SU! stamp and punch, and thickers for the title. The journalling reads: Max, Today you are 2! I don't think you "get" birthdays yet...So I'll wish for you. My wish for you today is that you will always DREAM BIG while you are discovering who you are! Happy Birthday!