Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scrappy Sabbatical

I cannot believe I am saying this...but yes...I'm going on a scrappy sabbatical. I never thought I'd be in a place where I just don't want to scrap...And somehow...I'm there. I mean...I would scrap daily!!!!

It all started a couple of weeks ago. We finally got the call for a long awaited referal...finally a son for our family. It ended up we needed to decline the referal. This has just shaken me to the core. I cannot even begin to describe all the emotions and feelings I have gone through with this.

I just attended a crop and a scrappy retreat --> I didn't want to be at either and scrapping just didn't happen...everything was just soo difficult. Can you imagine not being excited about a scrapping retreat? I knew something was wrong.

So...I'm going to take some time off...said goodbye for now to my scrappy friends on the boards and I'm going to take time to heal and become the squeeky wheel at out adoption agency. Hopefully, this sabbatical will not last long!!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ok, one more

Ok...I know my friend Cathy will be bummed because I have not posted a layout. Well here is one about motherhood. I finally finished it for the Scrapperie's Scrap Olympics!! What a fun contest! I wish I had had more time to participate. Anyway...I did this layout for the bingo challenge. Check it out -->

Most materials are MM Noteworthy -- I just love that stuff!! The little quotes came from a daily calendar that I had in '06. I save some of the ones that touched my heart in some way. I really wish I could figure out the lighting in my new home. I really hate the way this photo looks washed out! Sorry!!

Yeah! A new post!

Ok...All my photos are downloaded off the camera and well...I don't really have any more excuses not to get this blog up to date. A TON has gone on since we left for vacation. Too much for just one little old post on the I'll put update in multiple posts.
First vacation! What a blast! It was way more relaxing this time around. We did one day at Epcot, one day at Sea World and one day at Aquatica (Sea World's new water park). It was way fun! I'm not sure what our favorite part was.

Epcot was a blast...we got to ride on rides this time! Kelly was tall enough! We did Soar -- WOW!, Test Track -- FAST!, and Space Ship earth, plus some others that were more of the lame type. Kelly had to have one of those water spraying fans. (our neighbors brought theirs home from their vacation) I finally gave in (we won't talk about how much the fan cost!!!) Yet this photo and her joy are priceless!!

We spent a lot of time at our hotel's pool...Kelly was improving her swimming every day! We went to Sea World on what turnout to be the hottest day! But the shows were awesome and Kelly got to go on the big girl ride with mommy and daddy! The ride is called Atlantis and we got soaked!!!! Check out this photo...My hubby is top row left, Kelly and I are in the next row!

Then we went to Aquatica --> Sea World's water park. OMG!!! What a blast!!! I'm not a water park fan...I don't really like to get my face wet...I know...I'm weird. But their version of the lazy river was AWESOME!!!! You could put on a life vest and just float...and there were rapids and well we must have gone around at least 10 to 15 times. Kelly had a blast and always wanted to go faster. No pictures from the water park...Just no way to keep the camera safe.