Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sabatical almost over!

Ok, sort of over anyway. Although I have yet to scrap a page, I have been crafting. Back in December I made:
  • 60 Christmas cards
  • 14 Birthday invitations
  • and 5 12x12 calendars as gifts. (sorry, I took no photos of any of these projects! What was I thinking !!!!!!!!!!)

I have also made 15 Thank you notes and am helping my daughter (who is home with pink-eye and strep!) make her valentine cards.

I am really itching to get back to scrapping. I'm about to place a massive order to Walgreens for photos ($0.10 sale -->YAHOO!!). AND, I'm going on a scrapping retreat coming up in February --> Wedensday through Sunday. I am in need of some solo-alone Mommy time!!!

I feel like I should give a little update since my last post, but where to start! So, much has happened since then. So, I'll try and give a brief update.

The holidays were hectic and very snowy. The in-laws and my dad came for a visit over Thanksgiving. It was great to spend time with family then. We usually don't travel then, because we travel over the Christmas holiday. Decorating was way fun this year, Kelly was really into it. It was fun to watch her put ornaments on the tree and hear her exclaim "This is my favorite one" for each and every ornament!

Christmas, itself was hectic. I went and got my Mom on Monday. She celebrated Christmas Eve and Day with us. Then we took her home on Christmas Day (3 hour drive) and headed to my dad's (another 3 hours) as a stop on our way to Cleveland. Friday is the day the ice storm hit the midwest. We waited until noon until we left for Cleveland, but still hit MAJOR traffic. A normally 5.5 hour drive took over 8! We should have stayed at Dad's and left the next day. Oh well, hind sight is always 20-20.

We spent Friday through Thursday with Mike's parents. My brother came down on Saturday which was great. I hadn't seen him in a couple of years. We went out to lunch and played a bunch of Pinochle! Kelly had a blast re-connecting with her Uncle. On Thursday, we headed back to my Dad's and stay until Saturday. Then headed home.

I love visiting family, but did not love being away from home for so long. I feel like I was behind and didn't really get caught up and start the new year until the 15th!

Kelly has turned 6! I can't believe she is 6 already. She had a Littlest Pet Shop themed party at the Art Center. She had a blast. She also missed 3 days of school due to snow and frigid temperatures. And another today due to pink-eye and strep. Hopefully, that is the last of that!

I'm teaching another course at the community college this semester --> UNIX Basics. I LOVE teaching and hopefully I can continue to get courses every semester to teach.

Still no word on the adoption. We have started looking at other options. We are considering fostering to adopt. There are a LOT of childern that need loving homes out there. Maybe we can help one!

Anyway, hopefully soon, I'll have new projects to post. I found this absolutely adorable piggy card that I have to make for my SIL and I'm really itching to scrap some pages!

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Colleen said...

Glad to hear your holiday were good and congrats on the extension on the teaching! Look forward to seeing some of your stuff!