Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ever feel like a hampster...

...in a hamptster wheel?

I totally feel like that right now. There always seems to be something major on my plate lately. Moving, having a baby, moving, adoption, moving again, more adoption....geez! Well, I was finally feeling a little settled. The adoption is finally moving forward, Kelly's activities are done, and well...I had some time for me.

Then I get the call...Mom fell. At least it was those words, but now I need to face reality...She needs to be in an assisted living facilitiy. She just can't take care of herself anymore. And now she fell...At least she is ok, but it could have been worse.

So...more stuff to do...the wheel keeps spinning.

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Megan A. said...

I know how you feel about the hamster wheel. So sorry to hear about your mom, but like you said, this is probably a blessing in disguise. My grandparents have all been going through issues like that recently and we just have to be thankful that something worse didnt happen, and that now they are more willing to get the help they need.