Wednesday, June 16, 2010

B.I.T.C.H. update

Yep...time for an update. I have to admit that I haven't wanted to update. I kinda plateaued at 8 pounds lost and got side tracked with the diet. Well, more than side tracked...I jumped ship! LOL!!!

Yep...the diet got thrown to the way side around Memorial Day. I have to admit it is a very difficult diet. Eating a protein and fruit/vegetable every 3 to 4 hours is difficult. I found myself becoming more and more resistant to it and rebellious. I totally rebelled Memorial Day weekend and just couldn't get back on track. Then hubby was out of town last week. And food is just soo convenient when it is just me and the kids.

But, I didn't stop working out. My trainer, Kami, was still kicking my behind and enjoying it! LOL!!! Well, almost as much as I enjoyed complaining! Anyway, I could tell I was getting stronger each and every workout.

And, I visited my Dad this past weekend, and he asked if I was losing weight! YAHOO!!! The words everyone wants to hear when on a weight loss journey!

So, I finally stepped on the scale this morning. Just to see what damage had been done. And you know what...I'm down 10 pounds!!!!!!! I didn't gain any weight and I lost 2 more! Yahoo!!! I'm soo stoked!!!

Lesson learned #1...not to be soo hard on myself. The gym that I work out at has a quote above the water fountain. I think it changes seems to be different every time I go. On Tuesday it was this..."Strive for progress, not perfection." So true! I felt like a failure because I wasn't following the diet PERFECTLY! ARGH...and I was stuck with the loss. I was soo focused on the failure, that I forgot to see the progress! Thanks to who ever selects and puts up the quotes at Body and Balance! I am soo making progress and I need to celebrate that!!!

Lesson learned #2...(ok can stop reading here) Maybe the diet is too restrictive for me. Or maybe I was eating too much healthy food. I'm not sure...but I need to find something that works for me...some kind of happy medium. I'll be working on that next.

Anyway...YEAH ME!!! I'm down 10 pounds and probably at least one jean size. The 12's I bought at the beginning of the journey are loose! Yahoo!!! All my shorts from last summer (that were tight) are way loose also!

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Stacy said...

WOOHOO!!WTG Janet :)