Friday, August 27, 2010

First day of school

Yep...Kelly is back in school!!! And my little one is napping. I have to admit...I am loving the peace and quiet of these 2 hours...I haven't even turned on the radio! LOL!!!

Anyway...check out this back to school gift we made for Kelly's 2nd grade teacher. I had the pink box laying around and dug out all the Moxxie school papers. I saw this idea in the latest Scrapbook ETC. I think it is on the last page (128) of the latest issue. It would have been a little easier if my box didn't have the handles and was perfectly square...but I made it work. We filled it with pencils, pens, a ruler, scissors, post-it notes, thank you cards, and chocolate! The chocolate was her favorite! PHEW!!! We don't find out who the teacher is until the day before
schools starts. I just threw in my favorite chocolate!

So here is the project and a photo of Kelly on her first day of school!


Passing Fancies said...

Very cute project.
Love your daughters outfit

Tam said...

love Kelly's cool outfit! school box rocks , what a lucky teacher!

judean said...

how cute is your daughter?!? and stylin too! I am sure her teacher appreciated that gift--who wouldn't love chocolate?!

Judy Bagwell said...

Great teacher gift. LOve your daughter's outfit. That is what school uniforms should look like!