Monday, November 15, 2010

Bald is beautiful?

Update: Here it is...Mike decided that he and Max needed to shave their heads in honor of Papa Billy. Papa Billy lost most of his hair due to Chemo, so he shaved his head this weekend. And of course, the testosterone was flowing in the Ball family with challenges and dares gallore. So here are my two dudes sporting the bald look! LOL!! I just wish I had taken the family holiday photo before the clippers came out! Anyway, Billy seems to be doing better. He is breathing better, they don't need to drain his lung, and he is finally home. Seems like the Chemo is working. He is still very weak and is on oxygen...but he sound more like his own fiesty self!

Mom came in for her evaluations at two facilities last week. We finally overcame her reluctance to moving down here. She likes Lutheran Homes and I think she is looking forward to the move. I hope to get details of her move finalized this week. It looks like sometime right after Thanksgiving she will be moving. Kelly is looking forward to seeing her Grandma more often.

Kelly has been doing awesome with her gymnastics! So well that the coaches moved her up to Level 5. She has another meet this weekend along with her first cheer competition of the season. It is going to be a busy weekend!

And me...well...I'm still trying to catch up. The house is still a mess...but the laundry is caught up. I hope to be caught up with everything by Wednesday. I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.
I haven't scrapped since September and I am missing it. I am still trying to get used to my new camera...Canon 50D with a 28-135 lens. I LOVE the zoom capabilities and the speed of the action shots. I'm still having difficulty getting it to focus on what I want it to focus on. And my action shoots are still too blurry. I really need to practice and learn how to use the features instead of staying in auto-mode.
I'm feeling the holiday crunch already. I have my Christmas cards somewhat designed and need to order the materials. Calendars...I started off wanting to keep up monthly all year...but alas this did not happen. I don't even have all the photos printed out! ARGH! Looks like I need to get hot!

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Colleen said...

Good to see an update and glad to hear that things seem to be moving along a little more smoothly now. Don't get too bogged down in Christmas and remember what it's supposed to really be about! I hear ya on the calendars and I just this last week went and had my pictures developed!! lol Good luck!