Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New message board!!! Come and play with me!

Hey all my blog followers!!

I know I haven't been blogging much and well to be honest...I was thinking about giving it up. It seems most people are sharing inspiration via Facebook and now Pinterest. favorite place to hang...Scrapping the Moments...shut down today! Say what...Yep...gonzer! ARGH!!! See...I'm not a fan of facebook...ya just can't really carry a scrappy conversation there. And that is what I like.

I also like sharing inspiration, ideas, cracking a joke here and there, camaraderie...etc... Some of this just can't be done on facebook.

So...I decided to start my own board...a freebie one for now until I can figure out what the board and the community needs.

So come and play with me! And spread the word!!!
Here is the link --> Scrap N Chat

Let's all just scrap and chat and have fun.


nfaband said...

So happy you started the new site Janet, I can't imagine what I would do daily without checking in and scrapping with my online friends. Thanks so much ...

April Says... said...

Very cool --- can't just NOT be with the SB's not right!