Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday and July Challenges

Sheesh!  I haven't posted since June 15th!  What a crazy month it has been for me.  From vacation, to BBQ's, to my birthday...crazy busy.  So here I am to catch up.

Today is my Mother In Law's birthday.  Happy Birthday Jackie...I hope you have a wonderful day.  This card will make it into the mail tomorrow!

Next is my July 1st OLW challenge.  The word I chose was VACATION.  I thought it was a great word since I had these old photos and we were about to leave on one.
And finally, my July 15th challenge... Choose a layout from your past and lift it.  It could be one you love or one that was in the "Thank goodness it is done" category.  I chose one from the latter category.  I had wanted to try the SU! watercolor crayons and I thought these coloring egg photos would be perfect.  I had fun creating the swirls and coloring, but in the end I thought the layout ended up too heavy on the right.  I should have done something on the left to balance it out.  (created June 19, 2009)

So I thought I'd try again.  I used water color pencils this time.


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Lynn Murphy said...

I love all your projects very fun. Love them.