Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How did I start and Summer Memmories

Colleen of the Scrapperie comes up with some great blog challenges: How did I start scrapbooking & My favorite summer memory. I love these!

In my profile I briefly discuss "How I started". It really did revolve around my grandmother's photos. I'm so glad I did it. I don't think I'll ever forget the look of joy on her face when I gave it to her! My second motivator was throwing away tons of my photos that I took in my childhood/college/and early adulthood. I had no clue what a bunch of these pictures were anymore -- where I had taken them, who was in them, or why? Here are my first layouts (I have removed them to avoid confusion...sorry)-- 12x15 argh!!! And the adhesive I used didn't stay. I need to go through the album and re-adhere.

My favorite summer memory -- I can't believe summer is almost over and how busy we have been! Kelly's first dance recital in June. She was so cute and who knew that she would love it as much as she did. Swimming lessons -- Kelly is just about swimming on her own now -- I totally can't believe this. She LOVES the water and she's just the cutest little fish! Then there is Mike's family reunion. Kelly got to go to the beach -- she's been asking about that all summer -- and play with her cousins! Kane County fair, Fairy Festival, Mike's company picnic, plus traveling back and forth from/to Muscatine. As I sit and reflect, I can't believe how busy we have been -- NO WONDER I'M SO TIRED!!! :-)

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Colleen said...

This is great! What a cool post about how you got started and the layouts!!! Sounds like you really have had a busy summer, but fun too!

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