Thursday, February 21, 2008

Saying good-bye

Saying good-bye...I never realized it would be soo difficult. But here I am trying to say good-bye to some on-line friends and well...I just don't really know how.

I find that my life is in a state of flux now...many stressors including my DH being in Iowa all week and me working part-time to help pay for all the additional expenses (I even had to cut out all my kit subscriptions!!!! ARGH!!!!!). This has put a HUGE hit into my scrappy and on-line time. And my ScrapDango friends have been feeling the brunt of this. I just haven't had time to keep up with that board and is just not fun going there anymore for me 'cause I just can't keep up anymore.

So I'm saying good-bye with deep regret and sadness. I will really miss Terri, Julie, Erica, Naureen, Loisb, Regina, Rebeca, Riezzy, Babylove (Kelly), and Kathy (I hope she is ok), and many more. The design team there is incredible and very inspirational. I hope that everyone there knows that if I could keep up and play that I is just gotten too stressful for me, therefor I need to say good-bye for awhile.

Love you guys! Good luck to all with the Crowned contest.

Here is the last layout I did there! I really love this layout! First because it is the first photo I've done of our engagement and two I got to play with Grungeboard!


Colleen said...

I know this was hard for you and you've been struggling with this.

Great layout!

~ Jayme ~ said...

First off, I love the LO. The grungeboard looks GREAT with it! :)

I know how it is to say good bye to a group. I've done it twice now. And it's soooo hard. :(

Carrie said...

You will be missed Janet and I hope your life calms down for you very soon. Take Care.
Carrie, Scrapdango

Niki said...

Hi Janet! Just found your blog and you are sooooo talented! Love the most recent layout and the ones in your slideshow!! Hope life calms for you a litte. I totally can relate!