Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Moxxie...Winter CHA '08

Well...I have to say I love Moxxie's new lines. Now I know what you are thinking...I design for Moxxie, so I HAVE to love Moxxie. And well, there is probably some truth to that statement. But, let me clarify a little. I'm a big fan of BG and MME lines...I love the look and feel of them. And, I don't really do themey stuff a lot. I don't even think I've done 1 4th of July page. But, for some reason I am very attracted to Moxxie and what they are doing...therefor I did try out for their team. AND I love it!!!!!!

So...here are some layout's I did for the upcoming show...Let me know what you think!!!

This layout is from the Just a Girl line...some of you might recognize the design...I originally created this lo using BG papers. I LOVE it just as much with Just a girl!

Journalling reads:
Mom: I love you , baby
Kelly: I'm not a baby, I'm 4
Mom: Well, you will always be my baby, punkin, and honey.
Kelly: Just don't call me baby...I'm 4!
Mom: Ok, I'll try.
2 days later, Kelly: Mom, you can still call me baby.

I LOVE the filly line....You got to love those colors and flourishes and well...the horses are just way too cute!!!! This picture of Kelly with a cowboy hat and princess t-shirt is just priceless. Is she a cowgirl or princess? Well neither, she's Kelly and has a style all of her own!

And then there is the circus line...how cute is that...popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, clowns, elephants and bright colors! This was not one of my favorite layouts, but the circle paper caught my attention and I just had to make some frames out of it!

Ok...I also made some layouts for the buckeroo and home improvement lines. But, they needed stickers that weren't quite ready yet. I'll post those after CHA! Go Moxxie!


Colleen said...

You've been a busy girl! Love that first one with all the buttons!

Colleen said...

I love your layouts, great job. Especially love the buttons and the cowgirl one.

ALLY said...

Beautiful pages Janet!!!