Monday, January 17, 2011

Almost caught up!

Well, it's January 17th. I finally finished the 6 calendars last night. I just need to bind them up and ship them out! I'm just now prepping for my class tomorrow. New book, new software...I'm not near ready or comfortable. I hope to get the Christmas decorations finally down this week. AND I hope to finish getting my mom's finances all settled this week.

Hmmm...I remember selecting "Balance" as my one little word that I'd work on for 2010. I don't think I actually accomplished it. But I did learn a ton. I think I will continue to work on "balance" again for 2011.

I really need to work on asking for support. Adding the second kid, teaching part time, having a daughter on team gymnastics and cheer, and still volunteering...well I just can't do it all by myself anymore. Support is a beautiful is soo easy to give, but much harder to ask for (for me anyway). I don't think I can create balance without support.

Me time...this one seems so easy, yet I also find it difficult to implement. I always put the needs of others before myself. Taking time for me...reading, relaxing, scrapping, eating healthy, exercising...etc is always last on the list. I did better with the healthy eating and exercising last year. I joined a gym close to Kelly's gymnastics so I can work out while she practices. I ate healthy for about 2 months. It became stressful. I need to find a way to implement the plan in a non-stressful way this year.

I also need to get back to scrapping. I had some very bad online experiences last year. I love the online community, but not the drama that comes with it. I love the challenges of being on a DT, but have yet to find the right fit. Maybe I'll just start out with some online challenges and see where it goes.

I hope to post about Kelly's cheer competitions. She's doing so well that she doesn't want to quit. She is finishing the season and then focusing on gymnastics. I'll also put up more photos of the calendars. They seem so simple, but took a long time. I think this year I'll buy the card stock with the pattern papers I'll use. I spent a lot of time looking for matches. I'm also going to work on them monthly. I said this last year...and was much farther ahead when it came to November...but life took over. It was a crazy Christmas this year.

So that's it for now. I hope to have some scrappy stuff up soon!


Stacy said...

Glad to see you are getting back to the blogging world. Hope things are going well with you.

jillybean66 said...

I hope you find the balance you seek and find a nice small scrappy home, I find they are the ones with the least amount of drama if any. Hope you can drop buy citrus tree studio and see some old friends...Me, Linda, Berta and Deanna too! Wish you all the best and miss ya!

Colleen said...

Well, very glad to see that things seem to be working themselves out and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Make yourself a priority as it benefits everyone in the long run!