Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pinterest saves the day!

Yep...Pinterest saved me today.  Here was the situation.  I'm in deep deep cleaning mode to get the house on the market.  All that was left was washing the floors and spot cleaning the carpets.  So today I started the floors.  I steam clean them, then add shine.  For some stupid reason, I left the steamer on the floor for a period of time...not quite sure what I was thinking.  Sure enough...I created a HUGE water mark that could not be hidden!  Argh!

I'd remembered seeing some pins on Pinterest about removing water marks.  So a searching I went and found a couple of ideas.  Mayo...had to leave on for 24 hours.  Not happening in my house.  Then there was one that used an iron and old t-shirt.  The problem here is that DH took the iron...grrr!  But the whole point of the iron is that it dries the water that snuck in under the finish.  So I thought I'd try my blow dryer. It worked!!!  Phew!!!

Thank you Pinterest and all those who post what works for them!  Woohoo!

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