Friday, October 30, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful

OMG!!! Kelly is absolutely beautiful! Check out this photo done by Laura of Laura Schroeder Portrait Studio (563-263-1969). I had stopped purchasing the package with the 8x10...just not worth it if the photo is not good. THEN...she takes this one! So, and 8x10 and additional 5x7's have been ordered -- Christmas gifts for the Grandparents. And, Laura was kind enough to let me purchase a low-res. digital image to post on my blog! Thanks Laura!!!


Stacy said...

Great pic Janet...My step daughter used to cheer/dance with that group. Is it the river City All Stars or something close to that?

Lisa L. said...

Beautiful picture! Lisa L.

Janet said...

Yep Stacy...River City All Stars. Kelly does cheer and dance with them this year. She loves it!

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