Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finding a rythm...

...maybe that was what was missing...a rythm. Today was a pretty good day. Max even sat and played with his toys. Although, that was after he pushed the power button on my pc. Stupid of Dell to put that button on the front with a bright shiny light just asking toddlers to push it! Although...he is changing what he eats. Previously he would eat bananas and ham...not today! Just when I think I've got him figured out...he changes his mind...No wonder I think I'm losing my marbles. But, we are getting into a rythm. Up, changed, breakfast, errands, playtime, lunch, nap, playtime/Kelly activities, dinner, playtime, bedtime. Man...I'm tired just from typing and reading all that!

So...I've got a scrappy to-do list a mile long! But, my scrap room is a disaster tonight I think I will be giving it a deep cleaning. Although, everytime I decide to clean my room this way...I decide I don't like the way things are organized. ARGH! I think it is time to re-org embellies. I just got done with the halloween invitation and treat bags and boy it was sure nice just to pull out the Hocus-Pocus kit I got from the Scrapperie last year. I think that is what my problem is...everything is spread all over by color. I need to pull "themey" stuff together. The problem with re-orging is the usual requirement of different storage stuff! GRR!


Suzanne said...

Rythm is good, organizing is bad. LOL

cathy said...

You can do it!! I have faith in you. BTW you sound much better than earlier. :)

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