Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scrapperie kits...

are no more!!!!!! The Horror!!! Sandi at the Scrapperie puts together the BEST kits! She has such a knack for mixing and matching product. But, the process has been causing her way too much stress (stupid manufacturers!), so she has decided not to put kits together any more...boohoo!!! What will I do! Well...I did order the very last kit! LOL!!

AND...she has most everything in the boutique for sale...So...go check it. There are some awesome deals going on there! http://scrapperie.com/boutique/
If you were thinking about getting one of her kits...now is the time!


cathy said...

Yeah! No more kits for me to split and put away! LOL!!

Janet said...

Ha! Just for that I'll find another kit club to torture you with!

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