Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scales are EVIL!!

Yes...that stupid thing that we weigh ourselves with is EVIL! I was doing soo well last week that I just couldn't resist. I wanted to see the pounds be gone! So I stepped on Friday morning and guess what...I wasn't happy with what I saw!!! GRRR!!! It was about a 4 pound loss. I don't have an exact starting weight, so I'm not sure. Can you believe that! I was unhappy with the number. Like I'm going to lose the weight over night. It took YEARS of neglect to put it on, it is NOT going to come off in a week.

I had to stop myself. I was going down the sabotage path...you know the one. The one were we berate ourselves with EVERY little thing we do wrong, instead of celebrating all the little things we do right! Making ourselves want to quit and take the easier/yummier path. But, my jeans are already looser and I have way more energy than I used to...so this is what I say to the scale...weight schmeight!

I want to say something else...will power, schmill power! ATTITUDE is everything! Let me explain...the weekend was ROUGH! By Friday I could feel it building. I was starting to CRAVE everything...chips and dip, chocolate, sugar of the refined kind, and DIET COKE! But, I stuck to the plan on Friday including my workout. I knew we were having a BBQ on Saturday and I was planning on using a SPLURGE that night. So I enjoyed myself that night. Had a couple of alcoholic beverages, chips and dip, and just enjoyed the night.

But Sunday rolled in and well...I think all the work I put into the week caught up to me. I did not follow the plan at all. I finished up all Diet Coke in the house, had a sausage McMuffin (my favorite breakfast), and KFC for dinner. I pretty much became a couch potato that day. I think I needed it. I made a lot of changes which required a lot of thought and energy that week. Monday morning I felt refreshed...weird.

Yet, that little respite cost me 2 pounds. Although I feel I needed it mentally, I don't think it was worth the physical cost. I'm back on track. Eating healthy every 3-4 hours, drinking 100+ ounces of water, and exercising every other day!

Next...this gorgeous layout. I just love it. It is based on a Sketchy Thursday sketch. I used it for the Challenge Masters NSD crop. I did a build-a-page challenge or blind challenge. I gave the instructions to create the layout one at a time. The participants were not allowed to peak at the next instructions or the projects that were created. It was way fun...I think everyone had a blast.

Let's see, the materials are: Sassafras PP and border strip, Pink Paislee journalling block, SU! stamp and punch, and thickers for the title. The journalling reads: Max, Today you are 2! I don't think you "get" birthdays yet...So I'll wish for you. My wish for you today is that you will always DREAM BIG while you are discovering who you are! Happy Birthday!


Stacy said...

Janet love this layout!!!! You are doing great with the weight loss!!! Keep it up. 4 pounds is 4 pounds!!!!

Angela said...

Love the layout...keep working on the weight loss, I admire you for trying...I need to get back on my 'program'...off the wagon here BIG TIME!

meganklauer said...

Great layout & congrats on the weight loss!