Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yep...I am done teaching for the semester...YAHOO!!!! I can't say that the final went well...but it is graded, final grades turned in, and I just have to drop off the paper grade sheet tomorrow morning. NO MORE Tuesday prep work!

This was a tough semester. I choose a crappy book! The book I wanted was delayed due to manufacturing problems and would not be ready for the semester. So, I had to pick a different book on short notice. I picked the one I did because at a quick glance, the TOC (table of contents) looked ok and it had labs/questions. I was excited. It also came with an instructor dvd...oh yea!

But...It was written for programmers, not system administrators...so it was missing A LOT! So, I punted and pulled material from last year. The students did not have a reference for over half the semester.

I have been retired from the computer industry for 7 years! My knowledge is very outdated and RUSTY!!! Having a crappy book compounded the problem! I'm soo glad the semester is over!

Oh get this...Max, who just turned 2 on 4/28, started telling me poo-poo BEFORE making it! WOW!! Could he be ready for potty training?!?! Well, I tried 2 times...the first time he did it! But, he did not like sitting on the potty. The second time...no dice. Now he won't tell me! LOL!!! Oh well...maybe next month!


mommy5x said...

Feel you pain with the potty training....thought Logan was there too but he still gives me a few problems with it....give it time....I find the boys were much slower than the girls.

Pat said...

Good luck with the potty training. Glad your semester is over.