Thursday, April 14, 2011

A layout!

Yep...I have finally scrapped! I hadn't scrapped since August and this unfinished layout was buried on my scrap desk. So...viola. I think it started from a sketchabilities sketch...but not sure anymore. It felt good to get it done! And...I think it is one of my new favs! Ya just gotta love the MME product. I had soo much fun playing with it!

It is also the first layout I've photographed with my new camera (Canon 50D)...I'm not sure I like how it turned out. The lighting wasn't that good...but it seems fuzzy to me. I'll have to play with the settings on the camera.

I've been making some cards also. Birthdays have been coming up and I haven't had time to make my loved ones cards. So, I assembly lined about 10 of them the other day. It feels good to be ahead in this department. I'm already working on Mother's Day cards and more Birthdays. I want to have a card for everyone pre-made for the year! Then it will just be grab and go.

I'm planning on attending an online crop at Pages in Time April 30/May 1st. Nothing like a crop to get those hibernating mojo juices going...I can't wait. I hope you can join me. I miss all my online scrappy friends. to what happened. Well...I guess I needed to learn something about myself. And the good lord wasn't getting through to he threw some curve balls my way so I'd have to listen! It all started with being let go from a design team...a way big blow to my ego. Then my father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. I had to drop off from volunteering for an organization I love, moved my mom into a nursing home, Christmas, big blow up with the hubby, Father-in-law passes away, dropping off another volunteering position, and my hubby has been diagnosed with a 40% blockage on the widow maker! PHEW! It was just too much...especially on top of a very busy schedule.

During this time, I think I read every book written by Kristin Hannah. Very, very good stuff. There seemed to be a recurring theme in all her books...relationships, how not speaking up, not telling the truth and the impact that has on our relationships. I had realized how I was doing the same thing. Not speaking up, not asking for what I need, and just sitting back wishing and hoping it would be different. Being the victim. Poor me. So I spoke up and let go of a bunch of stuff. Because is what it is. And you know is pretty good!

But, there was one more thing. I also realized I do a lot of things just to feel special. Message boards, design teams, volunteering, etc. All those things make me feel special...Oops...feeling special has to come from inside! Wow, no wonder I was crushed when some goofy things happened last year.

So...I'm going to focus on being the best wife, mother, daughter, scrapper, and friend I can be. I'm going to stop looking for the external recognition and give myself the recognition inside. Thank you Lord for waking my behind up!


April Says... said...

Very inspirational! much luck in finding your *special* :)

Judy Bagwell said...

Cute LO! Love the colors. You are not alone, I think we all have a hard time feeling special sometimes. Glad to see you blogging and scrapbooking again!

Lynn said...

wow! hugs and prayers to you and your family. all things do work out for good.

and of course i picked up on your new cam a 50d. woo hoo!! rock that baby :)

Carla said...

Good things to focus on! {{HUGS}}

Pat said...

Good for you!! I wish for you all the best, you deserve it. Great LO too.

Kelly R said...

Glad you are back in the scrappy world. I love what you did on this lo. Very pretty colors and arrangement. Also the stitching is a nice touch.