Saturday, May 17, 2008

We are here!!

Yeah!!! We made it!! We arrived the evening of May 7th and our "stuff" arrived May 8th. I've been unpacking since...phew!!! I thought I did a good purge before the movers showed up. But, I still find myself pitching a bunch of unused junk and the good will bag is already over flowing! I can't believe we have been here for 10 days already!!

My scrappy friend Colleen posted this blog prompt over at the Scrapperie --> 10 things I love about _____________. I think I'm going to do being together as a family!
So, the 10 things I love about being together as a family are:
1. No more that we are together, we don't need to pay for all the extra expenses of being apart.
2. Seeing my hubby daily...I did miss him.
3. Kelly seeing Daddy daily...she missed him a lot. It took her a couple of days to realize he would be coming home from work everyday!
4. Cooking dinner...yeah...not one of my favorite things to do...but I am soo tired of fast food and carry out. I just couldn't see cooking just for me.
5. A return to "normalcy" although I'm not sure what that is...But it just feels great to be together as a family again.
6. The boys (our dogs, Murphy and Tucker) are happier also. They love playing with Mike. Although, I think they just love the yard! It is full of critters for them to chase and sniff out!
7-10. I can't really explain it...but just being under the same roof is amazing!

As soon as I get unpacked...I'll get some photos up of the house!

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rajah1116 said...

Oh that is GREAT! I am sooo glad things are going so well for you!