Wednesday, May 28, 2008

June Blog Extravaganza

Well...I FINALLY finished getting my scraproom in order!!! YEAH!!! But what I've realized is that I have WAY too much stuff!!! I've also realized I'd like to blog more...just see what my scrappy friends are doing in there lives and such. So, I've come up with a win-win for everyone! A June Blog extravaganza!!

All you have to do is blog on your blog and leave some love on other participating blogs that you visit!! Easy-peasy!!

Here are the details -->
Ok Ladies...this is what you all have been looking for! The June Blog Extravaganza hosted by ME! The one that just moved and realized I have WAY too much stuff!!! I'd also like to blog more so here is a win win for YOU!!!
All you have to do is blogs...and leave some love. I'll have a points system and point tracking thread....Get your self a spot in the points tracking thread and just update your points there...This will be an honor system...please be fare. Ok...points are as follows:2 points for creating a blog entry on your blog. 1 point for each blog you leave love on.
If you wish to participate, please PM me with your snail mail addy, things you like to scrap with...i.e. favorite papers/trimmings/stuff/storage...I have a bunch of storage stuff I'm not using anymore also, and your blog addy. Although having your blog addy in your sigi will help also.
I will have random RAKS. You never know which day/days I'll the more you blog and leave love...the better chance you have of receiving a RAK which I will try to customize based on your favorites. If you love Moxxie products...let me know! And it will be a surprise. I won't be announcing who received a'll just get some scrappy mail! LOL!! Please let everyone know when you do get some. I will post that a package went out.
There will be grand prizes at the end of June based on points tallies. to play. I will have a thread that lists all the blogs of those participating. But to help everyone that is playing...Please put "I blogged" when you have blogged under Colleens Blog prompt of the day. We can all check her prompts for ideas about blogging and we can see who blogged under those threads also. I'll put up examples.
See...easy. Contest officially begins June 1st. I may also have some extra weekend goodies and games to play! Fun, fun, fun....Get your blogs up and pm's to me if you are interested in playing!

Ok...go visit the Scrapperie...I'll be hosting the blog challenge from there. Can't wait to start sending out some RAKS!!!


ellen said...

yeah! this is going to be so much fun! one point for me, LOL! ;)

Shawna said...

woohoo let the bloggin' begin!

Pat said...

Great challenge!!!!

Colleen said...

Thanks so much for doing this! Can't wait!

teresamatz said...

this challenge rocks!!! bring on the love

Michelle Ramsay said...

This sounds like fun!!

Shannon (Swell) said...

look at you, barely moved in and already up and running challenges! you rock!

ALLY said...

This is fun Janet! Great idea!!