Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Oh is Thursday already...GEEZ, how time flies when you get busy and behind! LOL!!
Anyway...We have been busy since Saturday! We drove over 400 miles, maybe even close to 500 miles this weekend. We went to visit our old neighbors since they were having their summer birthday party for the kids. Kelly played with her friend Megan from 2:30 until 9 pm when we left! She had a blast! The Conroy's always rent a jumpy thingy and Kelly always has a blast on it. Here is a photo -->
We stayed at my Dad's overnight and celebrated Father's Day with him. MaryLou, her sister Pat and Joe, came for a BBQ. Kelly got to play with Marylou's grandson Nicholas. I got dad a digital picture frame. Spent a couple of hours loading a flash drive of pictures of Kelly from birth until now. I set up the frame and let it start scrolling through the photos. I leave letting Kelly and Dad watching the photos to take a shower...2 minutes into the shower, Kellys comes to tell me they deleted all the photos! Sure enough...little miss button pusher, started touching the frame which activated the menu. Dad panicked and started touching buttons and viola...all the photos I loaded are gone! I took some more photos and loaded the internal storage right from my camer flash card. So...he still has some pictures on it! It still is a pretty cool gift. I'm not sure he thinks so. I'm hoping this will help him convert to digital. Anyway, here is the card I made for him -->It is an envelope card. An 8.5 x11 is cut in half, then triangles are sliced of from the midway point of both sides. The two flaps are decorated and then glued down. The Blue Happy Father's Day card slides out for writing the sentiment.


jonaks said...

loved your card.

teresamatz said...

love that pic, great card

Pat said...

Love the card & your DD is so cute!

Jennifer said...

I love love LOVE that photo. So cute!

ALLY said...

Sounds like a fun w/e! Great Father's Day gift!

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