Friday, March 20, 2009

Fate, the Universe, the Big guy upstairs

It is amazing how things happen sometimes. I am a firm believer that everything is about choice..."I am 100% responsible for how I think, feel, react, etc..." I fully believe this and when I live it...I'm am a much more peaceful woman. Yet, every once in awhile fate, the universe, the big guy upstairs comes knocking to remind me that maybe there is a bigger plan for me. This became readily apparent during our Russian trip and process.

First...the process was excurciatingly long for us! ARGH...we started the process in May of 2006, had our dossier in Russia by December of 2006 and are just now meeting our future son. I won't go into the reasons why it was soo long...some are very apparent and others...well, maybe this was just meant to be. For I fully believe, this is the son for us! Fate...hmmm.

Then, while in Russia waiting in the boarding area for our flight home, we see a woman we know. Both Mike and I recognized her, but we could not remember how we know her. She was standing there with a we assumed we knew her from our adoption agency. So, I go up and ask if she just adopted using Children's Hope International. Nope, that was not it. But, she immediately recognized me also. So, we start the how do we know each other conversation. And...she lives in the cul-de-sac across from our old house in St. weird is that!!! Meeting an old neighbor how many miles away across the ocean in Russia at the same time as us ADOPTING! Again, all I can think of is Fate, the universe, the big guy upstairs...There must be more to this chance meeting. There are no accidents!

So...I move and sit in front of her on the plane and we talk basically all the way home. They had an incredibly short process...less than a year. And yes, I am WAY jealous! LOL!!! Anyway, we talk about our sons and guess what...they have the same birthday, they were both born on April 28th, 2008. OK...weird!!! So, I'm thinking fate, the universe, the big guy upstairs is giving me a BIG kick in the pants. I'm not sure why we need to connect, but I get the message! LOL!!! We exchanged information and I plan to stay in contact. I will see if she feels the same way.

Is it choice? I still say yes. I choose to follow the coincidences and see where they go. Do I know what the significance of all these coincidences are? No. But I plan on enjoying this next part of the journey of finding out! Thank you fate, the universe, the big guy for whatever you have planned for me!!!


Alyssa said...

Congrats! I will be following your story, and praying it goes smoothly!

Colleen said...

Very cool! Yeah, sometimes it seems as if the world is telling us something and it's a matter of how well we listen!

GinniG said...

They say God moves in mysterious ways! Who knows what this "chance" meeting will bring for all of you! Congrats on your new son and can't wait to see your pics and pages in the future!

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