Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Off to Russia

Yes...it has finally happened! We are going to Russia to meet our future (hopefully) son! His current name is Maxim. I am lobbying to keep that first name, but Mike is a little leary of its Russianness...I think it is wonderful.

We will have a busy trip. We leave Chicago on a 5:30pm flight on March 13th arriving in Moscow on the 14th at 11 am. We will be picked up by the adoption agency and taken to our hotel. I believe we get a tour of Moscow that day or the 15th. On the 15th we have some training with our adoption agency then get on a train to Pskov at 7pm. It arrives in Pskov at 7am on the 16th. The 16th we will actually meet Maxim, have an independent Dr look at him and get any remaining questions we have answered. On the 17th we will see him one more time and have to make our decision of yes or no. We will jump on the train back to Moscow that night and fly back to Chicago on the 18th.

That is a busy trip in a short amount of time. If all goes well, we will travel again in 2 to 3 months time to finalize the adoption and bring him home!

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Nathalie said...

How exciting this must be for you! Wishing you safe travels there and back home hopefully with your little boy... and just as an FYI, Maxime (spelled with an e at the end is very common in France for boys ;)

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