Saturday, April 18, 2009

Order vs. Inspiration

I have really enjoyed making cards for the Snail Mail Soriee over at the Scrapperie and it got me thinking. I have been struggling with scrapping probably since September. I thought it was brought on by the news we received at that time and other adjustments I was going through. Remember I took a sabbatical for a while?

Well...I've been wanting to get back into it and just couldn't find my groove. But this challenge has really got me thinking. I was an "order" scrapper before I joined DTs. I love the feeling of a complete album and I love the chronological orderness of them...So, I scrapped in order. But, when on a DT, I pretty much needed to work with the papers that came in the kits which pushed me out of my orderness. I found I was inspired by the kits...colors, contents, etc. I think I really loved that part of the creative process! And that is what has been missing! I tried to go back to scrapping in order! Start with the photos and find the right papers for them. What was I thinking!!!

Maybe I need to go back to starting with the papers and find the right photos for them. Or photos that are currently inspiring the Max ones. Then I can work in a balance. Because, my albums still need to be chronological. I love seeing the changes that occur over time. Bottom line...inspiration is the key to my creative process!! Yeah...I'm getting closer to actually creating a page!!! And, using Sandi's kits. I got a lot of grief the other night for not using them the minute they hit the door! LOL!!!

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