Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cards!!! I was online see what the challenge for the day was and Kelly was with me. She decided to do the challenge also. So, I printed out the example and she used it for a reference. This is her take on the April 4th challenge: A ThankYou with a flower! Then she wanted me to take a picture also. it is!

This Thank You is my take on the April 4th challenge...A Thank you card with a flower

This card is for the April 3rd challenge --> Stamp it. It had to be a birthday card, with something stamped and metal. The metal was hard for me. Most my cards actually get mailed so I usually do not use something bulky on them. I picked the smalles brads I had.

This is for the April 2nd challenge --> Rough it up. It had to have distressing, ribbon, and chipboard. I picked these masculine papers without making sure I had masculine ribbon to match. The best I could do was the orange ric-rac. I left it blank and will fill in the sentiment when I send it.

This is the easter card I am planning to make (I really need to get these done tomorrow). It happend to fit the April 1st challenge --> Slime it. Spring colors, spring creature, and ribbon.


cathy said...

This comment if for Miss Kelly - from Miss Cathy and Maddie. We wanted to let you know that you made a beautiful card! You did a great job following the example for the day. Keep up the great work and we hope to see more. Oh and by the way, could you tell your mom she didn't do too bad herself. Thanks!

Janet said...

Cathy...sure...leave a comment for Kelly...I don't think you have ever left a comment for me! LOL!!!!!!! I'll show her tonight.