Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to school

Kelly started school yesterday. I'm not quite sure who was more excited...her or me! I have 6 days left of "freedom". Today and next week. Then we leave for Russia and will be bringing our son home!

Kelly had a blast...she met old friends, made new friends and has a desk this year. She said her favorite part was recess! LOL!!! I bet today the favorite part will be gym. She is a VERY active little girl!

I will be taking advantage of my time getting ready for the trip. There are ton of things to get done. I have to prepare the house for the grandparents who are watching Kelly. My dad and MaryLou are coming for the first 2 weeks. Then Mike's parents come in for the next 2 weeks. All the freezers are almost full...I still need to get dog food. Many lists need to be prepared...Kelly has a busy schedule full of activities...Cheer, Dance, gymnastics, etc... Then cleaning and of course...MUCH packing. For ourselves and Max. We are leaving in 9, I can't believe it is finally happening!

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