Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's time!!!!!!

Yes! We leave tomorrow morning at 10 am! We travel to my dad's in Darien, IL. He will then take us to the airport. Our flight to Moscow leaves at 5:25 pm. We arrive in Moscow at 10am ish on the 31st.

Finally!! I cannot believe it. This process has taken soo long and I have gone through soo many emotions! Hope, excitement, anger, being bitter, and depression. I struggled this week...soo much to do...lists, shopping, cleaning, prepping while still taking care of our current family. Plus, the realization of my freedom disappearing. I really enjoyed Kelly's first full year of full day school. I got to teach at the local community college and could do basically what I wanted for a couple of hours a day. I LOVED last year! will be well worth it. AND, another opportunity/challenge to create a better balance in my life. Too often I don't take time for myself and then get resentful. I need to find a better way to do this.

I'm now up for the challenge...the challenge to do it differently! I'm finally excited. I really thought that I wouldn't be excited until Max was sitting on my lap on the plane ride home. So much in our process has gone wrong or taken the longer paths. I felt like I was waiting for something else to happen. But....we will be seeing Max soon! Spending as much time as we can with him before we bring him home. And then we will be spending a life time together!

I can't wait for this little blessing to be home!

Please stay posted...I will be updating our journey as much as I can while we are away. Hopefully we can get connected to the "net" while in region. We had a problem connecting the laptop the first time we went.


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Megan A. said...

oh I am so happy for you! I hope it all goes perfectly! good luck!

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