Monday, August 31, 2009

Day #2

We are in Moscow staying at a Mariott for the night. The flight was long...10+ hours, then they did a health screening before we got off. The plane was full and they took everyone's temperature via a gun-type device held close to your ear. We waited a while to get our bags and got to the hotel by 2 pm ish Moscow time.

Neither one of us slept well on the plane, so we took a little nap. Had dinner at the hotel and went for a little walk.

Tomorrow is a busy day. We go through our 4 hour many doctor physical, then take a 12 hour train ride to the region. Moscow is a bit easy...there is someone that speaks English at most places we have gone to. Pskov...not so much. We will be trying to learn a little Russian.

On Wednesday, we should be able to see Max again.

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Lisa L. said...

I'm following along on your adventure. Can't wait for you to see Max. Lisa L. (YMBD)

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