Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 2...a little harder!

Oh yea...a little harder yesterday. I was HUNGRY ALL DAY LONG!! So, I kept drinking water and eating protein and veggies. I need to figure out how not to be hungry. I must not be eating enough protein during my meals.

The eating plan is simple. Eat non-processed foods, a protien and fruit and/or veggie, every 3-4 hours. No normal bread, even whole grain is out. Bread is usually what keeps me full. The problem was that I did not start the day with enough protein. I had a yougart and oatmeal with craisins. I need a "bigger" protein...I think. I tried something different today.

Also, the goal is to eat this plan 90% of the time. Which means, 10% of the time you get to "SPLURGE"! I LOVE that term. SPLURGING is part of the plan!!! Every other plan I have done, there seems to be no room for error. Or it becomes a game...counting points. Here, no counting calories or fats and 3 to 4 SPLURGES a week! That means every other day I can SPLURGE! How cool is that!

I ended up using a SPLURGE last night. I teach on Tuesday nights and I used to "treat" myself to fast food before class. How silly is that! Fast food is NOT a treat! LOL!!! Anyway, I did not have a meal planned before class, so I thought I'd get a fast food salad. Well, I'm salad rookie. I ordered the salad thinking I'd get grilled was fried. There was cheese on the salad and a dressing I don't like. GRRR!! But, I was I used my SPLURGE! I enjoyed the salad, croutons, and chicken. Had a dressing I liked and topped it off with a Diet coke! YUM! I took care of my hunger and didn't feel DEFEATED for going off plan!!! You know why...because it is PART of the plan.

I also got in my 100 ounces of water yesterday. It was WAY easier than I thought! I have a red water bottle that is about 30 ounces. So, I know I need to drink 3+ water bottles of water. So, I kept drinking and viola...I think I actually drank 4 bottles worth. Way cool!

Tonight I go for my second workout. I'm going to start Base plan A that is outlined in her book. I'm really excited about the workout!

Oh...I took before photos this morning. Well...had Kelly take the pictures...she was so cute. I'll get them up tomorrow. to scrap!!!!!


Catherine said...

Have fun scrapping and enjoy your workout!

Amy said...

Good luck with your workout! If you need to add EGGS! It is absolutely the BEST protein, super quick, and you can have them in SO many different ways! My mom has an allergy to wheat so she can't eat alot of carbs, she's got ALL kinds of tricks to stay full throughout the day! Another one is eating NUTS. She eats almonds and walnuts, hazelnuts! All kinds of nuts are really good for you too. Look at me going on and on...well, if you want any help thinking of ways to stay full let me know, I know a ton!

Stacy said...

I knew you would make it through another day!!! You can do this girly!!!!

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