Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday

to my dear friend Cathy!!! I did not get a chance to get her card in the mail...So here it is for her (and all you to see). She is the Number 1 Doodlebug fan, and well, I have to use Doodlebug for her cards! I hope you like it Cathy and it is in the mail!
Also...the October layout tag reveal is up! I have soo much fun with this every month. I created this seriously monster lo about Max. You can't go wrong with Jillibean Soup product!


Lynn said...

Cute projects.. the monsters are adorable!

cathy said...

I do love it!!! Thank you!!!

Kelly R said...

hey janet! what a cute card. i love doodlebug, too. also the lo is so adorable. hope your blog feels so hugs today. :)