Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally done!

Yep...Kelly's 4th year album is finally complete!!! Yeah...I got the last 2 page spread done during Scrapword's online crop. I even got done a card stock only layout! I'd been meaning to do one of those for a while...Check it out: photo of a 2 page spread is awfully tiny! Anyway the PP, rubons, tags, and stickers are all Daisy D. The circle thingys are MM grommets. One of those tools I had to have and just never used...until now!

I love how this layout turned out...card stock only, ghost letters with rubons, and silver stitching! you have a tool that you just had to have and have never used it? Which one?


~ Jayme ~ said...

Hahaha, don't you just love those tools that you JUST have to have and never use.

Mine would be the MM eyelet setter.

Love your cardstock only LO. :) And woohooo for finishing her 4 year album. That's awesome. I'm almost done putting together Saira's 1st year.....and a half I think. I think that's how it will go. Then I can start putting together the next album. :)

Megan A. said...

love both layouts! way to rock the purple!

I try not to buy tools until I absolutely NEED them, but I guess you could say that the wishblade was a mistake for me, I used it a lot then got sick of it

Suz said...

I'm bad about seeing a tool someone uses in a video online and then thinking I need it. I rationalize it by saying it's a deal with a coupon. I've gotten a lot of useful things but a handful of not so useful things.... I guess that's how we live an learn.

congrats on finishing the album.

Thank you so much for the prize you sent me from the Scrapperie crop. I received it Saturday and posted a thank you on my blog to show it off! You are awesome! I love that mini album!!! Great design and papers.

Thank you so much I had such a good time "at" the Ice Cream Social and you all made a newbie feel so welcome. Can't wait til my kit clubs run out to get yours...


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