Monday, July 7, 2008

Scrapper vs. Artist?

I just opened my new Memory Makers magazine and there was an interesting Article...Scrapper vs. Artist. This title really piqued my interest as I have been struggling to find balance in my scrapping lately.

The article basically reiterated the traditional definitions of each --> a scrapper is someone that scraps big events while working in archival mediums (reading between the lines...little embellishing). While an artist use non-traditional mediums (again reading between the lines...lots of embellishing) and will more often scrap everyday type events. Then they had the Masters describe which they are...scrapper, artist, or both.

First off...I would debate that ANYONE that gets selected to be a master is definitely artist in my book. And at least one master was honest and said she treated layouts to be published more artistically than what she does for herself and family. And one other Master described herself as scrapper and created a layout to illustrate her style. I again would debate that this layout would not have been published if it was not for this article. The rest said artist or both.

So...back to my own I an artist or scrapper? I would argue that as an engineer, there is no way I can be an "artist". But, I do have to admit, that as a member of a DT...I did try to create more artsy layouts. And some of those I really loved! And then, there are those layouts that I create very simply to document the memory I want to save. And then...I am sooo drawn to those artsy layouts! I love the ones that can be artsy and still tell a story. And I sooo want to recreate that style.

But bottom line, I'm just a scrapper that dabbles in art! I love to play with new things and see how they can add to my story, or help me highlight something, or draw attention to something else. I find that if I can find a balance between both, that I become at peace with my scrapping.

So, how about you...scrapper, artist, or both?


Megan A. said...

because you are an engineer, you can't be an artist? Hey, I resemble that remark! lol! No, seriously, I know what you mean. I feel like my pages almost always start off very linear and it takes work for me to make them not so stark and I attribute that to my engineer-i-ness ;) but I have recently started to call myself an artist because I think the definition of an artist is someone who creates something as a means of self expression - which I have been doing often lately

michele said...

by that definition, I would call myself an artist. Either that, or I am just so scatterbrained that I can't think straight enough to be a 'scrapper' lol!

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