Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Phase 1 done!

Yes...Phase 1 of clean up is done. It took us 7 days and we would still be working if a neighbor hadn't lent us his cart! PHEW! I think I'm finally not sore and had to go to the DR to get my allergies back under control...gotta love steriods! We were able to burn everything on Saturday and Sunday before the rain started!

Phase 2 will begin when we get back from vacation. We have to get a tree service to come out and get down the high stuff.

I feel like I haven't scrapped for a month! And vacation is starting in a couple of I don't think I'll get back to my scrap table until the second week of August....hopefully the mojo will be flowing!

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Jayme Downs said...

Well I'm glad ya'll have that done. Vacation couldn't come at a better time I think. ;)

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