Friday, September 11, 2009

12 more days

Hang in there Cathy...there are only 12 more days left! And can you believe it...I'm not taking tons of pictures. Russia is not pretty. All the buildings seem runned down and about to fall over. Yet, people live in them. The roads are full of holes. It makes me appreciate where I live. And scrapbook stores. LOL!!! Although, if there were any...I wouldn't know where to look for them. Everything is intermingled here. Apartments, shopping, businesses all on the same block.

I will be taking some photos tomorrow. Ludmilla will be taking us around Pskov tomorrow. Pskov was founded in the 900s, so there is a lot of history in this town. I need to get photos of our hosts and their home. It is very nice. We even took a little walk around the subdivision yesterday. It is kinda crazy...There are a lot of unfinished homes looking like they will never be finished. Also, people live in the unfinished home. Ludmilla's doesn't have siding yet.

We saw Max today. He must not have slept well. He was tired and took a little nap in my lap. It looks like his dermatitis is returning. I can't wait to take him to our doctors. He constantly has a runny nose and seems congested all the time. I sure hope he does not have a bunch of allergies...but it is sure looking like that. At least he has a mommy that knows how to deal with them! Plus, he has a bunch of bumps on the back of his head. Looks like his noggin has taken quite a bit of abuse...probably from falling while walking or something.

He is still unsure of Mike. Although, he did sit in Mike's lap for a little while today. We have one more visit on Monday, then Tuesday we take him with us. He has never been outside, in a car, or been exposed to many other experiences we take for granted. I think he will be soaking up his new environment like a sponge.

Tuesday will be a long day. We have to pick up paperwork from the court, apply for his passport, and get a new birth certificate. The problem is that his mother is from a tiny town 120 km from Pskov or Pechory...I'm not sure which. We have to go to that town to get the new birth certificate which we need for the passport. All the paperwork stuff has to be done before we pick him up. But, the passport should be ready on Wednesday, then we hop on the train back to Moscow. Another new experience for him.

I made spaghetti for our hosts yesterday. It wasn't bad...I was worried about the sauce. But, shopping for the ingredients was interesting. I buy everything in it is kilograms. We got too much meat and the spices did not seem as potent as back home. But Ludmilla and her husband enjoyed the American dish.

Kelly is still anxious to see Max on the computer. She asked about it again today. We told her we would try on Thursday when we are back in Moscow. Tomorrow the Grandparents switch. Bill and Jackie arrive...My Dad and Marylou head home.

And...Dad told me MCC called! It looks like I'll be teaching at leat one class in the spring! I'm excited...I really enjoy teaching! Plus, it increases my scrappy budget. Although...we have a LOT of expenses to pay off from this trip. So, I will need to limit my spending! I can't wait to see what classes they want me to teach.

On a home front is 9-11. Can you believe it has been 8 years? A day etched in my memory. Hopefully it is never forgotten.

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Lisa L. said...

I'm so excited for you - so close now. I can't wait to see this little guy!

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