Thursday, September 10, 2009

Half way point...about...

I think we are gone for 25 days which puts today at about the half way point. I am about done with Russia, waiting, and sleeping in a queen size bed. I want to be back home chatting with my friends, seeing Kelly, eating good ole' american food, and getting Max acustomed to his new home and family. Oh, and let's not forget the scrappy withdrawl that I'm going through. I didn't even bring any scrappy magazines. And there is no way I'm willing to log into a message board right now...I would be frustrated because I wouldn't be able to scrap the inspiration...kwim? lol

Anyway, we have about 12.5 days to go...Hopefully, it will go quickly. We visited Max yesterday afternoon and saw him walk. He is still a little shaky, but is walking on his own. I suspect he will be running soon! We got him to smile and laugh. The only time he cried is when Mike showed him his shoe. A big black size 13 would be scary for sure...I don't know what he was thinking! LOL!!! Anyway, Mike is convinced he was crying when they took him away yesterday. Not from the shoe, but because he didn't want to leave. I'm not so sure...but you gotta love wishful thinking!

I'm still dealing with our laundry...It is not drying and I can only hang so much of it outside. So, I'll hang some up and when it dries I'll swap it with some wet stuff. Hopefully, it will stay sunny today and I can get it finished. We had planned on doing laundry again before Moscow. I hope it is sunny again this weekend so I can get it dry! I'm half tempted to go by a fan for the basement so that there is air blowing on it...but I don't know if there is another outlet to plug it in!

Queen size beds suck! For me anyway. For those of you that don't know...Mike rocks in his sleep. Yes, rocks...back and forth while holding a pillow. We have a select comforts King size bed at home and I am not bothered by it. I don't know if it is the boys or the bed that shields me from it...but I have neither here. It was sooo bad the first night in Moscow, that I slept on the floor. Nothing like waking up nausiated because the bed is moving. And he was in the middle. He laughs at me when I complain. He says just move me! Or wake me up! LOL!!! waking a sleeping bear or moving a big rock...I think not! LOL!!!

We have been calling Kelly every other day or so. The 9 hour time difference and her schedule make it somewhat difficult. The best time to catch her is right before she leaves for school. She will have an exciting time this weekend with the grandparent swap. Billy and Jackie will arrive on Saturday around 3-4 and my Dad and MaryLou will leave around 5. I'm sure everyone is keeping her busy so that she is not missing us too much!

Thanks to everyone that is reading the blog and leaving comments! I do appreciate it! I feel soo isolated here and those little things help keep me connect with you all! Thanks!


Lisa L. said...

I am enjoying your updates. Wishing that the time goes quickly for you and you can come home. Hugs

cathy said...

I don't know how much more I can take of this!!! I need to talk to you - I am having withdrawl!! I love the updates and I am so happy that things are going well with Max. I take it there are no scrapbook stores out there - LOL! I hope you are taking tons of pics! Can't wait to see! Take care - love to you all!

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