Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last post...until we get home!

Yep, this is the last post until we get home. No free internet in this hotel and the cost is somewhat expensive. $42 for 24 at about 1pm more net.

We did skype home last night and Kelly got to see Max again. She was soo cute. She was trying to play with him across skype...peek-a-boo, showed him a webkinz, since he was chewing on a pen...she showed him a pen. 2 more nights and she'll be able to play with him.

Here is more stuff I keep forgetting to post. He weighed in at 23 pounds and is 31" long. His 18 months clothes fit, but I suspect he will be out of them soon.

He fell asleep without crying last night. My husband convinced me to let him suck his fingers for sleep. Kelly had a pacifier for nigh-nigh, so Max should be able to suck his fingers. I didn't want to back down...that would only let him know that we are willing to back down. Now, his tantrums seem to last much longer, a 52 minute one yesterday. Almost like he is waiting for us to give in like we did with the fingers.

He has grown more comfortable with us. And has learned how to signal to be picked up. He also has a come here sign down. We are working on others...more, all done, and eat. He even lets us play with him horsie on the leg and throwing him in the should hear him giggle in delight.

Well, I think that is about it. Today is Embassy day and hopefully we get all the paperwork we need to bring him home on Wednesday!!!


cathy said...

Safe travels. Talk to you soon!!

Lisa L. said...

Can't wait for you to be home and then you can start scrapping some of your pictures too!! Safe trip!

jillybean66 said...

Yipeee, so close now...hope you have a good flight home, happy trails girl...can't wait for you to rest up see more pictures and hear about how the little guy likes his big new home..Wow!

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