Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting back to "normal"

LOL!! Normal, what is that! But, today Mike is going into work. A short week for him because he leaves on Thursday for his reunion. He is coming home early to watch Max. Kelly has cheer from 3-5 and may be sleeping when we leave. She is off of school for one more is in service day.

I have a new appreciation for people who travel internationaly for a living. Getting your body asjusted to a new timezone stinks, especially a 9 hour difference. My brother travels frequently all over the globe...I don't know how he handles it! I don't remember it being this bad in March...although we were only gone 5 days, not long enough to adjust to Russia time in the first place. Being gone for 25 probably makes a big difference.

Max loves exploring his new environment...He has been outside a couple of times, but the weather really hasn't been cooperating. Maybe today we can go for a walk.

Tomorrow, Kelly is back in school and Mike at work. It will be just me and Max for the first time. More normalcy!

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