Saturday, September 12, 2009

Excursion Day

Today we went on our second "excursion". A tour of the kremlin of Pskov. It is interesting to learn that the term "kremlin" is not just the name of the seat of power in Moscow. It is a term for a city surrounded by walls. That is how this city was started back in 903. (903! Makes you realize how young our nation really is! They celebrated their 1100 anniversary in 2003!) The wall is still standing and we got to go inside and look around. There is a major church inside (one of 50+ churches of Pskov). The story is that Olga, while standing on a hill, saw 3 lights and decided to build a church there. This is the official start of Pskov. Although, archeological digs have found earlier settlers. Olga became a Saint and is the patron saint of the city.

The church...more like cathedral to me...has the most icons -- 7 rows of icons. Icons are a big thing in the Russian Orthadox church. I was actually able to take non-flash photos in this church. Usually you are not allowed to take any photos in the church. The church is not like our typical churches. There are no benches to sit during the service. The people stand during the entire service and I suspect they are wall to wall...there is not much room. The church is VERY ornate...icons/pictures/places for candles/casket of bones/etc. Everything is gilded with gold or silver. Always there are pictures of the many saints that they have.

We then went to a market. It is called a car market. When communisum fell, many people lost their jobs. Those that had money went to the surrounding countries and brought in goods. They would come to this market and sell them by setting up the goods on the hood of their cars. As their wealth increased they would purchase a tent/awning, and then a more permanent kiosk. This market is row upon row of permenant kiosks. And then surrounding the kiosks are the tents and tables of goods.

11 more days. I think I'm going to run out of reading material. I finished my photoshop primer, I'm about halfway done with Computer Tricks for scrapbookers #3 by Jessica Sprague, and then I have a photography tips and tricks magazine. After that...I'm done. I've already finished one of the 2 puzzle books I brought and am halfway through the other. But, I suspect that Max will keep me busy once we pick him up.

They sell what seems like everything there. Coats, shoes, boots, clothes, curtains, umbrellas, car parts, bicycles, watches, etc. It took about 30 minutes to walk the entire market.


jillybean66 said...

Just wanted you to know that I have been following your Journey of the heart and can't wait to you get back and can unite your family and settle into a routine! See ya back on the boards when you get the chance! Big hugs and prayers for a safe and fast journey home!

Lisa L. said...

Sounds like a good day. I'm sure you will be even happier when you are back home. Thinking about you. See you back at YMBD.

cathy said...

Love the updates - keep them coming. I am so happy that this part of your long journey is almost over and the new journey as a new family will begin!

Love and prayers to you all.

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