Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, September 8th

We visited Max yesterday morning. He is still very tentative around us. I don't think he knows what to do, since seeing different people during his schedule is not the norm. We spent the first half hour showing him how to play. To bang toys, put something up right, to stack, etc. He was fascintated with the stacking cups. He couldn't stack but he could put them inside of each other. I think he played with the cups and the plastic easter egg the most.

We still do not know if he walks or crawls. He just sits and reaches with us. I think they were trying to walk him into the room when we first saw him...but that is all we have seen.

At least he is no longer in a state of pure terror when he sees us.

And, for those of you still wondering...his hair is a very light brown...lighter than Kellys, NOT red as it seemed in the photos.

I think since the adoption is actually official, we could now probably post a photo or two. But we will wait until we actually have possesion (SP) of him...Which will happen a week from today on Tuesday, September 15th. Once we get back to Moscow, we will try to post a photo.

After visiting Max, we visited the monestary in Pechory. The baby home is actually in Pechory, not Pskov. What a surprise! The monestary is nestled in this little valley and is absolutely gorgeous and extremely well kept. Not much in Russia is well maintained. I had to wear a scarf and a skirt. We lit a candle for Max, walked through one of the churches, and purchased some soveniers and Russian things for Max.

Today, I am attempting to do laundry...another interesting Russian experience. The washer is tiny! And, no dryer. They hang the laundry in the basement. I'm not sure how long things like jeans will take to dry.

We have 3 more visits with Max, then we will pick him up. Today we found out that they will let us see his room and were he plays. We will be able to take photos. I'm glad. I want him to know his beginnings. I will definitely have plenty to scrap when I get home!!!!

I think I might run out of "stuff" to do before we head back. I have finished the 7 books I brought with to read. I now am working on some of the puzzle books I brought and my elements reference magazine I found...Although, I'm not a photographer and it seems that references are written for photographers. I tend to take photos...then "fix" them via cropping. Then I'll print at what size I want. It seems in photoshop...you need to start at the right size. Oh well, I'll eventually get this figured out.

Mike and I have been playing a lot of bejeweled twist! HEHEHEHE...I loaded up the high score board before we came and challenged him to knock me off. LOL!!! He does love a challenge. I think he now has 2 of the 10 high scores, but is ticked-off that he hasn't toppled my high score. He pooh-poed my idea of purchasing a game before the trip. Now he praises his good idea! LOL!!

Oh I almost forgot. On Sunday, we skyped home to see Kelly. I think she was a little disappointed. She really wanted to see Max. But we talked for about 30 minutes. She was having fun with the camera. We will try to skype home again when we get back to Moscow so she can see Max.

Anyway...that is about it. The weather is bright and sunny today. It had been gloomy and rainy for the last couple of days.


Tonya Boone said...

can't wait to see the photos.. sounds like ya'll are keeping busy while you wait.. only a week to go..

cathy said...

Can't wait to see the "boy pages" side of you when you get back!! Can't wait to talk - I have no one to call when I am driving!!! Be safe and enjoy!

Lisa L. said...

I'm so excited to see your little guy! Lisa L.

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