Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 more days to go!

Yes, 3 more days...and we will be running out of diapers before we go home. Man, can this little kid produce a bunch of .... well you get the picture.

We picked up some russian benedryl and anti-histimene creme to help with his rash. We are not sure it is working.

Kelly did not prepare us for Max. She was such an easy child. Max's temper tantrums are incredible. One lasted for 45 minutes today. I may need to get some valium or something. LOL!! Hopefully, he will figure out a way to deal with his anger and frustration in a different way. Plus, hopefully we will figure out what he wants. But the tantrums are usually started by us telling him no to something. Oh well...

We are both tired and bored. It is time to go home!!!


jillybean66 said...

Hang in there Janet...and stick to your guns. Poor little guy, going through so much and taking in so many new things all at once, it must be alot for him. Think of all the new things waiting for him back home as well...just the joy of running barefoot in the yard and so many simple things like see that joy! You can get through this girl almost home now!

cathy said...

Hey girl - At&t called and ask what happened to the activity on some of my numbers - LOL. Can't wait till later this week to talk! You are almost there! Only a couple of more days until you introduce your daughter to your son.... As always, love to you all.

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